Boy are you in for a treat!

Well, folks, today we've got one of the best things ever...a good cover song. It's a great band to cover, and a great performer covering them. Are you ready?

Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover).mp3

Tori Amos - This is such a beautiful interpretation of the song. It really holds just as much pain, but none of the chaos. If Kurt Cobain's oblivion was in a mosh-pit, Tori Amos' oblivion is in sinking to the bottom of the ocean, looking upward as the sun's rays break through the blue surface. Perhaps that was a bit too detailed of a comparison, but give the song a listen and you'll probably get your own equally detailed mental image. Maybe that's just the way I see oblivion.

Raised By Swans - Okay, I've also got something I heard on the indie6 podcast I listen to religiously. If you like slow and beautiful, well, you may have found the most beautiful of all. This song shot to the top of my "most played" list in 3 days (108 listens). It's from an amazing band named "Raised By Swans". Don't bother looking these guys up on iTunes, cause you wont find anything yet. Try looking over at
http://www.raisedbyswans.com/. You will not be disappointed.

Raised By Swans - Violet Light.mp3

Gorgeous, isn't it? Their music hypnotizes me.

The Banjo Consorium - Alright, then. Every heard of Electro-folk? How about Folktronic? This next band is a French (?) folktronic band named "The Banjo Consorium" (I think). Anyway, it's just what it sounds like. They use banjo, and dang well. Cryptic in that I find it hard to pin a personality on their music. Honestly I don't remember where I found there CD, but I've got it. So if anyone reading this hears it and likes it enough, let me know and I'll post the rest of the album. Also, if anyone knows of any other folktronic bands of note, shoot me a line. I'd love to really get into this genre.

The Banjo Consorium - Tuesday Craker.mp3

Mice Parade - Next is a mid-fi treat by Mice Parade. I'm really not sure of how well this group is known, but you can go check him/them out at
iTunes. There's a sad Latin feel to the music, but the singer's voice is about as Anglo as it gets. Still, great listen with this one, folks. It's a very chill track that most will probably be able to find some merit in. It may take some repeated listening for you to get used to this guy's voice, though.

Mice Parade - And Still It Sits In Front Of You.mp3

Sun Kil Moon - Now comes the last song for this post. If you like Red House Painters (like so many do) you're bound to dig this. Mark Kozelek, from RHP, fronts this newer project known as Sun Kil Moon. I think of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Nick Drake on some songs. On other songs I think of Wilco or Uncle Tupelo. They've got two great CDs out. Honestly, not every song is decent, but the ones that are decent rank more in the range of stupendous! I recommend checking them out on iTunes and using the previews. However, I recommend "Glenn Tipton", "Salvador Sanchez", and "Lilly and Parrots" from the first album, "Ghosts of the Great Highway". I can't vouch for much on their second CD, but one of my music friends loves it.

Sun Kil Moon - Glenn Tipton.mp3


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hi there,
just saw your post today.
The Banjo Consorsium le debut album
was release on www.seedsound.com
in january 2006.
you can check the myspace page

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