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Hey there. Today is my 20th birthday! As a gift I was given an iTunes card and got to work using it. I went straight to get IMOGEN HEAP's "Speak For Yourself", but when I got to her iTunes page I discovered that they had recently put up her first album, "I Megaphone" which was originally released in 1998. It's not on the RCA Victor label, though. It's on Almo Sound Ltd, which means she doesn't get sales from it on iTunes, but she would if you bought the physical album itself. I guess they just decided to put it up about a month ago. Anyway, just wanted to make sure nobody missed it. I got "Candlelight" off of it, and it's beautiful. I'm afraid I don't have any MP3s for this update, but hopefully you'll head over and get some for yourself.


Also, make sure you check out the April Issue of Dwell Magazine. Note that you can try a free issue. This is a very cool magazine that does a good job of bringing in various different types of design. It's amazing how a graphic designer could be inspired by a chair or a wallpaper pattern.


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