Matty Jay Rhoades

What an incredible discovery...!

If you like contemporary folk music you're going to love this guy. People who like Iron & Wine, Damien Rice, Jeff London, or Blanket Music will love this guy!

Apparently he's just some guy who makes music as a hobby, and not professionally at all. There's nothing really available on him when I googled him. Hopefully he'll put out an album sometime, but even if he doesn't you can snag his one great song below.
His name is Matty Jay Rhoades, and he is awesome!

Email me at jszczepaniak@gmail.com with your feedback. If you really like this guy, I'll figure out a way to get in contact with him, and maybe we can all beg him to record a CD. How's that sound?

Matty Jay Rhoades - Song to My Love.mp3 (expired)

I've also stumbled across some great trip-hop/downtempo/chill, recently. If you're into that genre as I am, you'll probably find some of thsi really good:

Eltro - Motorboat.mp3 (expired)
Endless Blue - Down.mp3
Mus - Duerme Nenu Duermete.mp3 (expired)

Eltro is on Absolutely Kosher Records. They're a Philadelphia band from the nineties, and their genre is considered shoegazer rock. They sound like early Kfraftwerk and Stereolab. Check out their 3 albums on iTunes.

Endless Blue is a Minneapolis group with a sound I would compare to an amalgum of Massive Attack, Portishead, Supreme Beings of Leisure and the old Sneaker Pimps. They're on Future Cabaret Records. Check out their 2 albums on iTunes.

Mus is the Spanish duo Fran Gayo and Monica Vacas. Vacas sings in Asturian, a language spoken in northwest Spain. A melancholy ambience carries throughout their body of work. It's very beautiful and sad, indeed. Very sweet mood music. I think fans of Mogwai, Cocteau Twins, and The Mortal Coil would probably appreciate this band. Actually, Massive attack loved their first album, Fai. Check out their work on iTunes.

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