Yes Yes Yes! (Yeah Yeah Yeahs!)


Today I pre-ordered my copy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Show Your Bones", which is their highly anticipated sophmore album. In celebration of this merriment, I'm posting a number of non-album tracks by the YYYs. I'm not sure if these are rare or easy to come by, but I've never seen them anywhere but on one of those nasty p2p download programs. I got my friend to download them for me, though. Kazaa is probably the easiest way to crap up your PC. Anyway, I've got over 11,000 songs and almost entirely without the use of any such program.

Man I wish I was at SXSW. I would be hitting up the My Brightest Diamond show, personally.

So, anyway, I thought I would go ahead and be joyful with you all about today! Take note that the song "Miles Away" is not from the John Peel session as featured on the Maps EP. It's just a totally different recording.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine.mp3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang.mp3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star.mp3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Miles Away (non-EP version).mp3


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