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I know that either you like his voice or you hate it, but BRIGHT EYES' Connor Oberst has announced that he'll be playing a free show in his (and my own) hometown Omaha, NE on June 17th. Every year the city has some good or decent group come and play at Memorial Park on Dodge Street. Last year they had 311, also Omaha natives, and the Mayor of Omaha said that this "inspired" him to have Bright Eyes at this year's event. Usually they have seriously old bands like the Beach Boys or Three Dog Night (both of which I like, but come on!). The strange thing is that Bright Eyes is also playing Bonnaroo Festival from June 16th-18th. It remains to be seen how the two shows will be reconciled. Anyway, if you live in the area I hope to see you there. It's known that Bright Eyes is working on another album, so maybe you'll get the chance to hear some brand new stuff. Honestly, how does this guy right so much music. I know I don't have all his songs but I've got 106 tracks from him. We can all argue that half o them are just sketches, but still!

EXPIRED!!!>> Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere And It's Now.mp3

Thievery Corporation is now taking pre-orders for their upcoming remix album, "Versions" which is due out May 16th. You can grab your copy for only $13.98! The album will feature quite a mixture of sampling, dub, and remix. The track list looks pretty interesting, though Amazon.com hasn't given them a very good review. Everyone knows that these guys are masters, though. The Amazon review use terms like "wasted opportunity" which never usually refers to TC. I've always been a fan, no matter what direction they take it or don't take it in. TC's music oozes style and quiet confidence. I'm sure I'll be happy. Check out the track list:

1. Tarana/Ustad Sultan Khan
2. Habanos Days/Damien
3. This is not a Love Song/Nouvelle Vague
4. Beloved/Anoushka Shankar
5. Who Needs Forever/Astrud Gilberto
6. Desert/Emilie Simon
7. Lemon Tree/Herb Alpert
8. Originality/Thievery Corporation Featuring Sister Nancy
9. In Love/Fear Of Pop
10. The Girl’s Insane/The Januaries
11. Strange Days/The Doors
12. Revolution Solution(TC Remix)/Thievery Corporation
13. Shiva (TC Remix)/Thievery Corporation
14. Khalghi stomp/Transglobal Underground
15. Angels/Wax Poetic Featuring Norah Jones
16. Nothing To Lose/Isabelle Antena
17. Cada Beijo/Bebel Gilberto
18. Dirty LIttle Secret/Sarah McLachlan

Here are some of my favorite TC tracks in celebration.

EXPIRED!!!>> Thievery Corporation - From Creation.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>> Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>> Thievery Corporation - The State of the Union.mp3


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