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Well, after the past several posts, I feel like it's time I get back to business, spreading the word about "unknown" bands/artists. So I went digging around in all of your friends lists on MySpace to see what I could find. Well, I found much more than "just some band". I found a real winner, and he doesn't even have his first full LP out yet! Fresh meat, boys and girls...fresh meat. At least for the "Elbo.ws/Hype Machine" crowd (you know who you are). He's actually been touring with some great success for a while now. I just wish he would seee fit to stop by Nebraska (I can dream, can't I?). What I'm saying is that he's up and coming, but he's also arrived to some extent.

His name is Chris Garneau, and he and his band are amazing!

Now, indie music has a pretty wide variety of artists, but it can be polarized into several different categories. Feel free to categorize as you see fit. I, myself, would like to classify this artist as being somewhere amid "acoustic-singer/songwriter", "pensive/low-fi", and "playful/silly-folk". OK...I'm just going to say what I've been trying to avoid saying...He's kind of got a Sufjan Stevens/Fiona Apple/Damien Rice thing going on. I'm sure those of your more heavily steeped in "indie only" music will have other wonderful comparisons, and may I direct you to the comments section of this post. At any rate, I love what I've heard of him. He's got a great feeling going on, if only a bit melodramatic at times. Vocally, though I hate to say it, he's got Fiona and Damien beat in my very humble opinion. I know I'm hyping him so much, but I can't imagine how you would be disappointed. Be his friend at MySpace!


Download>>Chris Garneau - Relief.mp3

I can't stop ;istening to this song! This song is actually a live recording, but you wont believe it is until the applause at the end. It's such a flawless performance and the recording is perfect! This comes from a label compilation (Artist Den Records) called "The Artists Den, Vol. 1" (iTunes link). The record also features Duncan Sheik, who has always had very high praise for Chris, and such artists as Ed Harcourt, David Poe, and Tracy Bonham. Look out for Chris' album that's coming out soon. If you like this song, go buy it off of iTunes, and support a great artist. You can hear more of his work on his MySpace profile.

Download>>SIgmatropic & Cat Power - Haiku Ten.mp3
Everybody loves Cat Power! I couldn't resist posting this, since I just converted it to an mp3 after buying it on iTunes many weeks ago. This is off of a SIgmatropic project to make 16 english-language interpretations of some haikus written by the poet George Seferis. The album, "16 Haiku & Other Stories", features a rathertalented list of contributors, though this is the best song on the album. Check it out!


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Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:24 AM #

can you post the cat power haiku ten mp3 again? pleeeease? thanks!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:06 PM #

your wish has been granted! It's back up, but not for forever, so get it soon.

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