Final Radiohead Post...For a while

Ok boys and girls. Her is my final post of Radiohead b-sides for a while. I know I said I was going to post all of my b-sides, but I still have over 30 to post. That would take forever! I can't commit the next 5-10 posts to just one band! After all, the fun of all this is to find new and interesting music. So, here are my final selections from my library:

Download>> Radiohead - Wonderwol (Oasis cover).mp3
This has got to be one of the worst covers ever done, but they do it on purpose, and it's hysterical. Yes, I like Oasis too, but they take themselves so seriously, so it's good to see Radiohead poking some fun at them. After all, Radiohead is a way better band!

Download>>Radiohead - Gagging Order.mp3
This sucker is from the US Single for "Go to Sleep", and it's definitely good. It's got much more of a traditional folk-rock or even singer/songwriter sound to it. It's definitely got that melancholy sound Radiohead has perfected, but it's not a dreary or depressing song, by any means. It's very catchy, and almost uplifting to some extent (or at least coming from Radiohead it is).

Download>>Radiohead - The Trickster.mp3
This one almost sounds like it was made for an old James Bond movie. It's really nice, but very different from what you will be used to Radiohead sounding like. It's an edgy rock song, thatcould hold some comparisons to some of The Beatles'edgier work.

Download>> Radiohead - How Can You Be Sure?.mp3
"How Can You Be Sure" is a B-Side from "The Bends", but it was on the Japanese release of teh album, oddly enough. That's where I got this copy from, anyway. A good friend of mine who lives down teh hall shares a love for Radiohead, and he's from Japan, so that's how I got this, anyway.

Download>> Radiohead - Polyethylene, Pts. 1 & 2.mp3
This is an older sounding song from the "airbag/How's My Driving?" US EP, which came out about this time 8 years ago (April 21st, 1998). It's probable that it didn't make the OK Computer LP because it still sounds like "The Bends" (although it does begin to progress to OK Computer). Anyway, it's a very good song, with Great, strong vocals from Thom, and an energetic performance from the band.

Download>>Drugstore (featuring Thom Yorke) - El President.mp3
This is a song off of "WHite Magic is For Lovers" that Thom sang a duet with Drugstore's lead singer on. It's got something of a fitting title considering how much Thom dislikes George W. Bush, don't you think?
Download>>Radiohead - How Can You Be Sure?.mp3

And there you have it, no more Radiohead for a while (at least unti the tour gets exciting for me...). I would post "A Reminder" but the Blog called "A Reminder" posted it a while back here, and you can still find it if you look back a post or two.

Be sure to check out Graham's blog, the bands on-stage sound guy, by checking the RSS ticker underneath the Elbo.ws chart on the right of this post. Thanks again, everybody!


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i was just playing that Drugstore album after God knows how long - I'd forgotten how good it is... quite relentlessly good and almost unnoticed... must post something about it... cheers for all the b-sides, my wife plays radiohead albums on a loop and she'll love these...

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I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

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