Mia Doi Todd

Mia Doi Todd is quite possibly the best hidden gem of a musician that I have ever stumbled upon. In fact, she's so graceful, and I stumbled upon her so clumsily, that I feel completely unworthy of knowing of her. As a way to atone, I will share of her with anyone I can, including you! I realize that many other blogs have posted on her, including the ever-popular MOKB. Nonetheless...

Mia is on the Plug Research Label, which we like so very much. Her voice sounds like the gal from "My Brightest Diamond" (aka Head Illinoisemaker) but her music is even more pensive than that bands. Her music is so fragile, like gossamer in flight down from the ceiling. If you think you've heard her voice before, you may be correct. She's sang for other groups including Dntel. She's released some 5 or 6 albums now, and one is a fabulous remix album. Dntel contributes to it among many others.

She has been named one of the KCRW Tunes of the Day, so I'm not alone in my appreciation. You simply must give her a listen! Head on over to her website's video section and check out the video for "My Room is White". She's enchanting like a siren. All I've got of "My Room is White" here on the site is the remix, so watch the video so you know how it originally sounded (which is great to begin with).

Download>>Mia Doi Todd - My Room is White (Flying Lotus Remix).mp3
Download>>Mia Doi Todd - The Way.mp3
Download>>Mia Doi Todd - Planting (New Version).mp3
Download>>Mia Doi Todd - What if We Do? (Nobody Remix).mp3


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