More Radiohead B-sides and Cover

Tomorrow is Radiohead's last day of studio session rehearsals before they take the world by storm with their first group live performance in exactly 2 years. In celebration and anticipation, I will be posting all of my unposted radiohead b-sides for the next several days. Some are live, and some are studio, but they are all my precious babies. They have taken very logn to assemble, and I don't even have them all. That's just what I get for not using p2p software. Anyway, here's today's installments:

Download>> Radiohead - I Am A WIcked Child.mp3

A groovy,bluesy, western jam off of the American single for "Go To Sleep". A must have.

Download>> Radiohead - Fog (Again) - Live.mp3

Now, here's a classic b-side. This track is so good, that I am sure the only reason it's a b-side is because it's just Thom on piano, without anyone else in the group. Thom generally likes to practice piano 5+ hours a day before recording when the band is in the studio, so it's only natural that songs like this come up. It's a beautiful and pensive song. Very Thom, though not necessarily very Radiohead. It comes off of the UK single for "Go To Sleep". That's right, I imported the CD single myself.

Download>> John Mayer - Kid A (acoustic Radiohead cover).mp3

Believe it or not, this is a great cover. John's guitar skills are impeccable, and he doesn't try to change the song at all. It really shows how talented he is, and how good he could sound if he stayed away from writing songs that just get him laid.

Download>> Blur - Cowboy Song.mp3

This song has long been remoured to have been done by Blur and Radiohead. This rumor is very false, but the song actually sounds like it could be real. It's got some very cool electronic stuff that's passable as Radiohead. This one is from the "Dead Man on Campus" soundtrack. Enjoy it, my friends.


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