Radiohead and MySpace, Together At Last...

The Boys from Britain are back in rehearsal, and we've got an inside look! Not just us, though...everyone! That's right. The man who is responsible for the sound system on the band's end (monitors, in-ear monitors, etc.) has been posting the bands activity in the rehearsal studio. His name is Graham Lee. He's a music-techie. He's 49, a swinger, and available ladies...um. Anyway, Graham's got a MySpace blog, which is completely hideous to the eye, but ripe with juicy morsels about the band's day-to-day. As they prepare for their coming tour, the band has been practicing both new material and old songs from other bands to cover. Apparently they practice 10 of these songs each day before moving on to their own material.

If you want the rest of the details (right down to when they break for tea) head over to Graham's Blog: Click Here!

You may notice that I've added a news ticker from his blog's RSS feed just underneath the Elbo.ws Top 10 on the right of the screen. Each item is a post. I mostly added this for myself as a quick way to check for updates (since I'm always using my page as a jump-off into the internet anyway), but you can share with me. Right?

The following are my favorite Radiohead B-Sides of all time. I have every Radiohead B-Side except for 4 or 5, so I would say that these are pretty much the cream of the crop. I would have posted Big Boots (Man-O-War) but I only have a couple crummy live versions.

EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - How I Made My Millions.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - Kinetic.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - The Amazing Sounds of Orgy.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - Paperbag Writer.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - Banana CO.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - India Rubber.mp3

*solid gold goodness


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The link to Graham's blog is broken.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:49 AM #

it's not broken, you have to click it, log in, come back here and click it again. MySpace is such a crappy service as to not forward you to the page that you requested after login. Stupid MySpace.

Nice post, thanks!

Posted by Blogger brandon@elbo.ws @ 8:25 AM #

do you make those images for each post? if so, thats pretty cool.

Posted by Blogger Cameron Deyhle @ 12:45 PM #

yeah the images are a great touch.

Posted by Blogger brandon@elbo.ws @ 4:24 PM #

I swear it was broken this morning, but of course I was half-awake...

I agree about the graphics - it's a very nice touch.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 5:59 PM #

kinetic is truly one of my favorite radiohead rarities :)

Posted by Blogger music is art @ 7:30 PM #

Yeah, there is a problem with the link, but you can pull the ID number from the 'broken' URL.

Also, I don't think Graham means 'cover' as in, 'playing other bands' songs'. He just means that they practice (cover) their own older material before working on the new songs.

Posted by Anonymous ad @ 9:32 PM #
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