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Rose Kemp has stolen my heart. Now, bloggers have given her a nod, but none that I have read seem to fully appreciate what she's doing, or they're keeping her all to themselves. Now, Rose doesn't have a full LP out yet, only an EP, which may be why I haven't been able to find very much mention of her. Her website used to have downloads to all her songs, but the links seems to be broken now. At any rate, below I've provided you with a song that is exquisite. "Fire in the Garden" has an almost acapella war-time 40s lounge sound.

Look for her upcoming single, "Violence". "Violence" is a rocking, poppy radio-ready single. It's got a really solid structure, if you appreciate that kind of thing.

EXPIRED!!!>>Rose Kemp - Fire in the Garden.mp3

Marybell Katastrophy is an up and coming Danish talent. Don't worry, the songs I have heard of hers are in English! A smooth indie-prime voice set to beguiling electronic/mixed playfullness. I'm sure that she'll get picked up in Europe pretty soon, and hopefully it wont be long after 'til the States get their act together and follow suit. Her song "Hey Frank" seems to be getting the most attention in the blogosphere. It reminds me of the Japanese-choir-music soundtrack of the anime "Ghost in the Shell" during the chorus, and of some slow club music during the verses. I don't know, see what you think...

EXPIRED!!!>>Marybell Katastrophy - Hey Frank.mp3

Rose Polenzani is a gifted folk songstress who's been picking up some much deserved attention, but I just felt the need to put her name in here if I possibly could. There's a tangeable innocence in her voice that very much reminds me of Brett Dennen. Of what I have heard, she seems to play very calm but emotive acoustic tracks. She may not grab you by the throat with a melody, but her songs have a way of carrying you away with subtlety. "Blue Angel" is my favorite song of hers, and "Abalin" is a great track featuring Andrew Byrd.

EXPIRED!!!>>Rose Polenzani - Blue Angel.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>>Rose Polenzani ft. Andrew Byrd - Abalin.mp3


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I absolutely love these women. Where did you hear about them? Rose Kemp is a delight. I went and found some other songs of hers, and they are all good.

Marybell Katastrophy is very refreshing. I don't usually like music with that many electronic elements in it. But I really like her because her voice makes it like a normal pop or rock song.

Rose Polenzani's been getting mentioned on lots of other blogs too, you know. But I guess it's good that you mentioned some of her less known songs (or so I think).

So, you've got an interesting little blog here. I think I'm teh only person to have commented so far, so I guess that's cool for me! Good luck with it. Maybe I'll come back and check to see what's up in a few days.


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