Don Peris CD Release - Quick Post

Hey there. This is just a quick post for the mid-day crowd. If you haven't checked out the "official" post (w/ Ladytron, etc) for today, just scroll down a bit. Don Peris, guitarist of The Innocence Mission, has released his newest album, "Go When The Morning Shineth", today! It's a mostly instrumental album, so you can really focus on Don's incredible guitar playing skills. There are a number of free downloads available on his website or over at DonPeris.com or TheInnocenceMission.com, so get to it! This music is perfect for relfecting at the end of the day, maybe reading a book outside or whatever situation you're most contemplative and relaxed in. My personal favorite song is "Firefly", so...

Download>>Don Peris - Firefly.mp3

You can buy the album,"Go When The Morning Shineth", now on iTunes>>Here

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