Gridlove and the Midday Post

Ah, the midday post...indicative of a blogger who fears his nightly post will probably be lacking in some way, he we attemots to curb the negative reaction by throwing quanity of content at the problem.

Anyway, you guys have got to check out Gridlove.com! You're going to be addicted to it in 2 or 3 months time snayway, so why not be one of the first to know? Gridlove is something like an interactive flickr.com. I can't really describe it, so I wont. Benjamin over at my favorite design/fashion blog "The Brilliance" describes it like this:

"Anson from Gridlove hit us up about his new product, Gridlove...but it’s a beautiful example of creativity and new technology smashed together. Anson likens it to a game of Dominos…users are collaboratively placing images next to other images that have some inherent commonality. It’s one of those things one the web that can become highly addictive. I see it applying to a bunch of pictures all your friends took at a party last night, to a modeling agency using it to organically find similarities in pictures while viewing them all at once…or, honestly, whatever the end user can come up with. This is one of those open ended web-things that kind of takes a life of its own…wild stuff...Web 2.0 at it’s finest."

Head on over and check it out, already!

About tonight's post, I can't decide if I need to get to searching for someone new, or if I should just post some frickin sweet Radiohead covers. You see my dillemma I'm sure. I just posted a ton of Radiohead stuff, and I don't want to beat them into your brains, but what can a blogger do?


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