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Hey everyone!

Talk about lame! I haven't posted for over a week! So, I hope to make up for it with this awesome interview with Marybell Katastrophy, of Tiger Tunes notoriety.

1)What is your very favorite thing to do?
-Definitely to spend time with the ones I love!

2)If you could say one thing to the whole world, and have everyone on earth hear you, what would you say?

3)What kind of books do you like to read?
-Right now books about making audio for computergames.

4)What was the last CD your bought or downloaded?
-I just bought The Knife: Silent Shout

5)What are your favorite bands?
-these days its mostly Of Montreal, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Antony And The Johnsons, Sufjan Stevens, Cocorosie and The Knife

6)What bands have influenced your music?
-Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Björk, The Knife, Beach Boys, Cocorosie, Monotekktoni, Speaker Bite Me, a lot of classical stufflike Chopin.

7)When did you start writing music and singing?
-I always played piano and we always sang a lot in my family. I started writing music when I was around 15 years old, but only for myselfBut when I joined my first REAL rockband Baton Rouge (now www.tonekontroll.dk), it got serious. After that I joined different bands, including Tiger Tunes, but now I decided to go back to the root and be myself and the music all alone.

8)How do you describe your music to people?
-I try to avoid itI mostly get people to hear it, instead of describing it in words.

9)Which of your songs is your favorite, right now?
-Allways the newest one, this time its a song thats really rockI don´t know what to call it yetbut maybe Slabiak. I did the vocals last Sunday with a very hung-over voice.

10)What is the name "Marybell Katastrophy" about? Why did you pick that name?
-My little sister helped me in that process, she is really good with words. She came up with this very self contradicting name. Marybell is the sweet innocent little girl, but if you look (Mary Bell) up you will find a very Katastrophical (I know its really spelled with a C!) story about a little girl that became a killer. Anyway I think it stems from the fact that my music and myself and everybody else, contains both good and bad, loud and silentcontradictions.

11)What has the response to your solo music been in Denmark and in the rest of the world?
-Surprisingly, overwhelming response, but off cause you only hear from people who likes your musicthanks god!

12)What made you decide to release a solo album?
-I didnt really! I just made a demo, and is finishing one more right now, hopefully it will end up as my solo album. And I didnt really decided to do it eitherit was things around me that did that I suddenly had time to finish the songs I had started years ago.

13)How is this new album different from working with Tiger Tunes? Do you write "without restrictions"?
Everything is different! In Tiger Tunes we never had any restrictions, and I dont have any with my own music either. But the biggest difference off course is that in Tiger Tunes we are 5 people to decide, now its only me. But I also miss the social aspect of being a real band! Its really like a family for me.

14)What is the purpose of music to you?
I can only speak for myselfbut music means everything to me. Its really a cliché, but music is like a very expensive and over educated psychiatrist to me, just better! And therefore my biggest dream is to touch others with my own music, like others touch me with theyre music. Its because its my language, and I want to tell everybody my version of the world.

Well...go check her out at Marybell.dk! Hurry up!


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Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

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