Mia Doi Todd & a Radiohead cover

The man is back! Hot dang, and just in time...I have no excuse, but I promise a ton of updates in the very near future. I've got 3 artists on board for interviews right now, and more on the way! Today we've got some downloads! How exciting.

So what do I have for you today? Well a while ago I posted on Mia Doi Todd , and had a couple of downloads available for her. You called me a fake, a ruse for posting some one you had never heard of before. But now you are back, and so am I, and so is she, and so...am...I. She has one of the most gorgeous voices that I have ever heard. SO I was digging through some re-hashed CDs at my local purveyor of pawned music, when I found a Mia Doi Todd (Plug Reserach Label ) CD! Goldenstate is its name, and it's spectacular. It arrived in 2002 with a fairly high level of critical acclaim, garnering Mia comparisons to "a modern Yeats" (No, you silly schoolgirl, he's a poet!). So, since I had previously overlooked this album, I thought it necessary to share some of it with you. These tracks are my absolute favorites on the album, but you really should get the whole thing, because the tracks fit so seemlessly together. While you're at it, pick up her latest release, "La Ninja".

Mia Doi Todd - The Way.mp3 (repost)
Mia Doi Todd - Autumn.mp3
Mia Doi Todd - Merry Me.mp3
Mia Doi Todd - Growing Pains.mp3
Mia Doi Todd - 88 Ways.mp3

And just for the heck of it (translation: because I could use some excitement) I'll throw out a Radiohead track that you may not already have. It's the Tears for Fears cover of Creep. Tears for Fears and Radiohead were on tour together at the time. It is known that Thom and the boys thought that TFF made it sound so haughty and pompous. If you listen to the words, you'll hear that instead of singing "I want a perfect body/I want a perfect soul." he sings "I've got a perfect body, now I want a perfect soul." It totally changes the mood of the song. Suddenly its the drunken captain of the football team singing tongue-in-cheek because the girl he wants to lay finds him disgusting. But, hey! Here it is!

Radiohead let the boys of TFF keep playing it though, because they had to pay Radiohead every time that they did. Zing!

Tears for Fears - Creep (live Radiohead cover).mp3


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Oh, thank you! I found "My Room is White" at KCRW just about a month ago and was instantly taken with it. Mia is on my buy list, but I can't resist to have these, too... ;)

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