7 Beck B-Sides & Obscurities

Well, Bright Eyes will be in town today (Saturday), playing for free just a few miles from my house in Memorial Park. I really have to wonder what type of crowd there will be, though. We've got a lot of "Emo" kids here in Omaha, but also plenty of people who go to anything free, especially adults. I can just see Connor performing "Lover I don't Have To Love" or "The City Has Sex" in front of 200 families with their children...yikes! I mean, how "indie" can it be when the city Mayor personally invites you to play a free show in a park? I don't know. Anyway, so maybe some Bright Eyes songs will be up in the next post, but this one's all about Beck. Why? Because I love him, and because I love you, and because you love him. So I went digging for some b-sides and stuff from his more obscure albums. Enjoy:

Beck - Halo of Gold.mp3 (an old favorite--Beck belches at 3:06 in the song)
Beck - Brother.mp3
Beck - Feather in Your Cap.mp3
Beck - O Maria.mp3 (another favorite, you must download this one)
Beck - Mixed Business (Cornelius Remix).mp3
Beck - Nobody's Fault but My Own.mp3
Beck - Mango (Vader Rocks!).mp3

Now, be afraid...be very afraid!


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it is completely random that I stumbled on your blog, but I thank you very much, as I am always glad to find beck b-sides I haven't heard.
the occasion is even more random, as I live (some of the time) in Omaha, and I would agree that your description of the Bright Eyes concert was definitely accurate.

Posted by Anonymous jeff @ 3:40 PM #
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