Excited about an Office?

Well if you aren't then you haven't heard of Chicago-based w√ľnderkind Office. Their name may have seemingly boring connotations, but their music will make you smile and dance. That's right...smile...and dance. Although they seem to have escape some well-desrved buzz for quite a while, now they've gone and gotten themselves a spot as the iTunes featured download of the week with their toe-tapping single, "Wound Up". Their album "Q&A" is really something special. It's well produced, well written, and well performed feel-good music. The good people at Shake Your Fist got an interview with the band last month that was very insightful, showing the band to be a class-act with humility. Check out the interview, and then hit up their MySpace page and make nice by buying their album (push the paypal button). If you have a copy of the iTunes software, then hit the Music Store and download "Wound Up".

I like how Connor calls them the "one that pitchfork missed".

Office - Q&A.mp3
Office - Possibilities.mp3


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