Go on...Take One For the Team!

One of the principle reasons that I stay away from most "powerpop" bands is because they have a tendency to make mundane things sound epic. In general, I like my coffee black, and I like my mundane to be mudane and my epic to be epic. One For the Team, a Minneapolis powerpop sextet, has stolen my heart, alas. They make epic songs sound even more epic and dramatic. I'm not sure how anyone else came across them, but I found them surfing MySpace looking for upcoming gigs in Omaha. These guys will apparently be playing at the Manhattan Club on Aug 17 at 8pm! If you like good rock and roll, good pop, or ride the fence a bit like me--there's a pretty good chance you're going to enjoy these good folks. They've got 4 songs on their MySpace you can listen to, but I have found it can be much easier to just buy the album and quit kidding yourself. You can buy the album, "Good Boys Don't Make Noise", from a link on their MySpace page or from their record company, Afternoon Records.

The whole album is pretty awesome, but the song that impressed me most was "Tame the Beast". At 2 minutes and 13 seconds into the song begins some of the most solid yet simple guitar work I've heard in a while, and you can really begin to bang you head a bit at that point. So here it is for your downloading pleasure:

One For the Team - Tame the Beast.mp3

Go on, it wont bite...hard!


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Man, this band is awesome! I live a few miles outside of Minneapolis, and I'm so going to a show sometime! Thanks for the recommendation!

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