A Groovy Entry in the Pom Pom Diary

Allow me to introduce you to Pom Pom Diary, an awesome Indie New Wave/Electronica band hailing from California. The duo is comprised of Paul Finch, a talented DJ, and Paul Fontanas, an experienced rock musician. As if yet the band is unsigned, and I'm currently trying to convince them to sign with Saddle Creek Records (which is located here in my hometown--Omaha, Nebraska). If you like 80s retro-synth and catchy hooks you'll have fun letting loose to these guys. They remind me of The Faint and Ladytron. Head over to their MySpace page or their official website to hear some of their awesome tracks. Below is the music video for their song "Thursday", which you should enjoy promptly!

By Pom Pom Diary


EDIT* Just a note, Stage Hymns favorite Kid Harpoon will be releasing his single "Riverside" next week, June 26th. You can pre-order the single now from the following two websites on both 7" Vinyl & Enhanced CD:



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