Have you Heard of Mara Carlyle?

Mara Carlyle is a softly-singing nightengale, who will perch on your shoulder and sing to you in the moonlight if you let her. This UK-resident's music has all the stylistic qualities of post-civil-war southern folk from the US (think "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?") but her voice is almost smokey-jazz-lounge-eqsue (think 1930's New York). She's on Accidental Records, but it's no accident that I post about her today. This is great summer-evening music (at a party or by your lonesome). Mara employs several off-beat istruments including a ukulele and a saw, yes, a saw. Give her a listen and I'm sure you'll agree that she's a rare gem. Go on...download the free songs. They wont bite...

Mara Carlyle - Game For Fools.mp3
Mara Carlyle - I Blame You Not.mp3
Mara Carlyle - Baby Bloodheart.mp3

Then head over to her MySpace page for another song, "Saw Song":
& be her friend on MySpace, too!


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that's a very nice hint. I never heard before this voice and like it. Very. thx a lot and cheers.

Posted by Anonymous bhlogiston @ 6:36 AM #
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