Ingrid Michaelson, In the Corner of Your Heart

I finally ponied up and bought Ingrid Michaelson's masterpiece "Girls and Boys" instead of wasting away my life on her MySpace page with the built in player. I've been listening to the CD for a while now and I can't express just how amazing it is to hear an entire album of great songs for the first time in so long. I think the last time I was this happy with an album was with Azure Ray's "Hold On Love" which I got a year ago! There is no more perfect album to describe the dynamic between girls and boys than her album "Girls and Boys".

Ingrid has a latent ability to transport you back to your childhood through her lyrics, which happens to be where a good little bit of her songs take place (mentally, as it were). She uses some of the most effective and unobvious (Can I say that? Is that a word?) images to connect you to her situation and her message. If you're a fan of the stylings of Regina Spektor or Fiona Apple, you'll definitely find a gem in Ingrid Michaelson. She can hold her own with them musically and vocally, and she surpasses them lyrically. She's the type of musician that makes you smack your forehead because you don't live anywhere near her (at least I don't, you lucky bandersnatches in New York!). She's got herself an awesome following in NYC, and is a regular performer at several of the city's music clubs.

If Radiohead's "OK Computer" is a 10 out of 10, and The Spice Girls are somewhere around a 2 out of 10, then Ingrid's album is a 9.5 out of 10.

So here's a couple of downloads that you should all be pouncing on before you promptly head over to her MySpace page or Official Website and buy your own copy of "Girls and Boys" from iTunes or CD Baby:

Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable.mp3 (full song) *
Ingrid Michaelson - Die Alone.mp3 (sample song) *
Ingrid Michaelson - Masochist.mp3 (sample song)
Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am.mp3 (sample song)
Ingrid Michaelson - Corner of Your Heart.mp3 (sample song)

*personal favorites

And out of respect for Sleater-Kinney (RIP):
Sleater-Kinney - One Song For You.mp3
Sleater-Kinney - Get Up.mp3


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