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A while back I came across a UK-based band on MySpace called Triggerbox (F-Slip Records). They make incredibly catchy, sample-infused music. They have a rather unique sound, sounding at times like many distinct bands arranged together in some highly effective manner.. So I asked them to answer some questions, and they told me that they'd oblige. Well...things happened and they got busy, but eventually they sent me the answers, which was wonderful of them. It's a great little interview, with lots of good information from the band. The only problem is that my questions were so basic. Just keep in mind that the questions I asked were so basic because I was just getting started with this whole thing.

Now, without further ado, may I present the interview (with a couple of downloads at the end):

What does it take to "go back to your roots"?

Well.. we all started out loving loads of rock bands and all played in bands from really early on. JQ and Jake got into Jazz though and actually spent about 5 years diggin into that stuff, bebop, 4 years at Royal Academy, blah, blah. Then [we] realized the jazz life/form wasn't for us and soon found ourselves reunited with our original music roots, albeit from a different perspective.

How do you guys write music? Does everyone contribute to the writing?

The songs are written by JQ, but arranged by way of heated democracy.

What makes your songs so catchy? Does that happen naturally for you, or do you really work to refine songs into something catchy?

What makes our songs so catchy? You tell us :) No seriously, at the end of the day, even though we are a very loud band and like to rock out, some of our influences are quite poppy. Our melodies and such usually come quite naturally, it's more the actual arrangements that can take time.. but the aim of arranging is not necessarily to make it as catchy as poss [possible], going somewhere cool sonically is more exciting really..

How have you guys grown since being a 2-piece band? Initially you liked being a 2-piece band awhile ago, so why the change?

We did actually start as a 4-piece, then decided on quality over quantity and cut it to a 2-piece. We then got some free studio time with a production team and they suggested that we try out the songs with a bass player... hmf!! Basically, although it was really good fun playing as a 2-piece (we've known each other for a very long time), the type of music we make kinda does want a bigger band, harmonies, loads of vocals going on etc.. and yeah, we basically bumped into the best rock bass player we'd ever heard around that same time (Mitts), got tight with him and then decided to go all the way and invited Si onboard too..

How do the members of the band differ with their musical backgrounds? After all, two of you went to music academy, but not all of you...

Well, yeah it's nice to know that should we ever need a string arrangement or a choir or whatever, we can make it ourselves he he.. but at the end of the day, we're just 4 guys getting together to make music that we all like playing, and though we've all got quite a lot of experience already, one's gotta always be open for the real fun to happen...

Where do you guys see your band in 6 months, how about a year from now?

This time next year we're def [definitely] hoping to have our first full-length album out. And we'd REALLY like to be doing some more festivals next summer. WE LOVE PLAYIN LIVE!!!!

What's the most important thing about music to your band?

That it [music] matters to ourselves and other people

How do you guys translate your "sample-infused" songs for live stage performances? Do you hope to do it differently in the future?

Not much difference between recording and live versions really, we've always insisted on playing our samples live on this little Octapad, which we actually call the Triggerbox. (To the confusion of many a sound engineer, thinking 'what do you MEAN, 'turn up the triggerbox?'').. we'd like to get more samplers to play with at some point, but are pretty happy with how it's being done now I guess..

What is the strangest gig you guys have ever played, and what made it so strange?

Amongst us, we've played some proper crazy shows!!! But the one that springs to mind is def [definitely] our first show at some private party in Bethnal Green in this crappy, super moist music studio, with a really low ceiling that meant that if you were taller than 5ft 8in you were gonna bang your head into things...constantly. 'Twas mad, no stage, loads of people, moist drippin' all over the place, Mitts played the whole gig on his knees (!!!), tired from involuntary headbangin'. But the ladies loved it and we had an awesome night :)

Triggerbox - Technoboy.mp3
Triggerbox - New Mind.mp3
Triggerbox - Morning After.mp3

Triggerbox's Official Website
Triggerbox on MySpace


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i'm really digging "techno boy!" - cool post.

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