Jim Noir's "Tower of Love" CD Review/Preview

A week or so ago I recieved a copy of Jim Noir's upcoming LP "Tower of Love" from Barsuk in the mail with my promo copy of The Long Winters' highly anticipated upcoming album "Putting the Days to Bed". Needless to say I hadn't given it much of a listen since I dove straight in to The Long Winters' album first thing. When I finally did get around to it I realized what a mistake it was to brush this release off without any thought.

What I found in "Tower of Love" is an imaginative take on 1950s & 1960s British pop-rock. Jim's voice is incredibly beautiful and plaintive, and his music is no different. At times, sounding like the soundtrack to Edward Scissorhands ("Turbulent Weather") and at other times like The White Stripes ("My Patch"). It's hard to describe Jim in any other way than as this incredible blend of sounds. Though I hate to describe one band in terms of others, it just seems appropriate in Jim Noir's case because he really draws from a plethora of distinct sounds and pushes them together. Sometimes it sounds kitschy, but if you give it a good listen you begin to see that Jim is more of a bridge to yesterday than a copycat. As you move through the CD you can almost hear the evolution of pop-rock music from the mid-twentieth century up to today. It's really interesting from that perspective.

It becomes difficult to pull any tracks out as better than the rest since the CD works in that linear fashion, but some of the ones I find myself listening to the most are as follows (with downloads):

Jim Noir - My Patch.mp3
Jim Noir - Computer Song.mp3

Yeah, only two for download, since I really don't want to get in trouble or hurt sales for this guy by spreading too many tracks. Just take my word for it that if the description sounds good it's a sure thing so go buy it when it comes out on August 8th. I expect to see more of these tracks ("Key of C") as background music in more commercials anyway, so you've just got to own it!

EDIT: REPOST>> Sigmatropic & Cat Power - Haiku Ten.mp3


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