Omaha, Somewhere in Middle America...

Omaha, my hometown. It's where I write to you from this very moment. It's a great city. Every city has its problems, and we are no exception. But there is a peace about this city you just can't find in any other city of this size. A number of great musical acts have started here, and many others that formed nearby enough to think fondly of Omaha. Some don't though. Take Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes, Desaperacidos, and formerly drummer of Cursive and other bands) for example. He hates this place. He's got more songs about how crummy Omaha is than I've got fingers.

So when I hear a song that shows Omaha in a good light, I pretty much love it. Now, the whole world is capital-C Crazy for Tapes 'N Tapes. I hate listening to brand new buzz bands, though. It makes me physically ill. So I naturally avoided the Tapes 'N Tapes thing, not listening to anything of theirs. But I finally let myself listen to their song "Omaha". It's great! So sue me. But I'm not listening to anything else of theirs until you've all sufficiently forgotten about them. Anyway, here's a couple of Omaha songs that I've been known to listen to:


Tapes 'N Tapes - Omaha.mp3
Counting Crows - Omaha.mp3
Groucho Marx - Omaha, Nebraska.mp3


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