A Rose in April is still a Rose in June

I am so excited today. Back in April I made this post about 3 ladies, one of whom is Rose Polenzani (Daemon Records). Well, I was checking through her tour dates and saw that she's playing here in Omaha on Thursday! So I shot her an email and asked if she'd have time to do an interview before or after the show, which she agreed to! Rose is an extremely gifted (that's right, not just talented, but gifted) songwriter and singer. It's hard to not feel a good amount of emotion when listening to her music, whether it be melancholy, happiness, anger, humorousness, or any other.

So I knew I was going to have to do my research for this one, and in doing so I found that the openness and honesty so palpable in her songs is the very way she lives her life. She's posted frequently over the years on her website about her dreams, her musings, silly observations and a million other little things that are so enchanting. If you want a musician you can fall in love with don't look any further. She's been slowly rising through the "ranks" over the years since she began playing and writing. I'm not going to provide some fact-based bio on her any time soon (at least I don't think so), but I can't stress enough that you can know her through her music.

In celebration and anticipation of the awesome show and interview here are some amazing tracks from her (not a dud in the whole bunch, either):

Rose Polenzani - No One Knows.mp3
Rose Polenzani - I Have Seen a Light.mp3
Rose Polenzani - Soft Parts (live).mp3

Be her friend on MySpace, while you're at it! >> Rose's MySpace Page

Also, you absolutely need to check out this new indie-music video magazine/podcast thing called "This City Rocks". We all know that Canada has put out a good amount of great bands, and this particular site focuses on the music scene of Vancouver and the surrounding region. They've got an awesome host, Mc MC (Megan Cole), and just launched their first episode. So get over their before you look like a jerk when everyone else is watching this on their video ipods and you're not!


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Hi there,
What a nice blog you have.I enjoyed visiting it.And I enjoyed reading about your city.
I'd be glad if you vaisit my blog and comment on it.
Take care,

Posted by Blogger Maryam Ahmadzadeh @ 5:28 AM #

wow - awesome, thanks for the props!

Posted by Blogger mc @ 3:56 PM #
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