...Said the Shark to the Boy

Said the Shark is a talented Danish band that's got an album waiting to be released. We found each other through MySpace, and I knew right away that I had to do a post on these guys to introduce you all to them.

I don't want to go making any comparisons because they never do as much good as they do harm. So I'll just say that they have an incredibly settling and ambient feel to their music. The group is made up of only two members: Maya Saxell, and a boy named Kim Oxlund. Maya's voice could put your mother's lullabies to shame! If you like electronically infused (this is not electronically dominated) down-tempo music than you'll most likely be up for this. The band is obsessed with flying animal drawings and other silly imagery, so check out their site, SaidTheShark.com, cause it's a real visual treat. They say that their album is almost out, apparently working some bugs out of the whole thing. Be sure to watch for them. You'll be sure to know when their album arrives if you become their friends on their MySpace page and subscribe to their blog.

While you wait for their album, check out these downloads, which I lifted from MySpace since I'd be willing to bet that more of you will download them from here than would go to their MySpace page. Oh ye apathetic generation!


Said the Shark - Runaround.mp3
Said the Shark - No Getting Over.mp3
Said the Shark - All You Want.mp3


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