Sorry for the silence...

Hey everyone or anyone. I must apologize for the silence over the past three days. I did get to go and see Rose Polenzani on Thursday night, and she was amazing. Her and Austin, her guitarist, blew me away with their awesome performance, as well as with their enthusiasm to be interviewed. It was a great experience for my first face-to-face interview. I'll have the results of that posted later on today (Sunday).

Speaking of interviews, though, I've got a few really good ones in the works. Chicago-based Office will be answering some questions of mine sometime in the near future, and I've been told that I'll be doing a phone-interview with Barsuk's The Long Winters before their album is released next month. The Long Winters interview is the first assignment I've been given from Mammoth Press, for whom I am officially beginning to write for. I will, of course, be keeping pace here at Stage Hymns, my first love. I think that it's going to be an amazing experience, though, and will definitely help me raise the bar of excellence for this here blog.

So look out later today for that interview with Rose Polenzani, as well as some nice downloads from her and some other tantalizing tracks!

Oh! And before I forget, My Brightest Diamond has signed to Asthmatic Kitty! But you probably knew that already you savvy hipster.


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