Under the Covers with YouTube 2

Well, I had really hoped to have my review done for The Long Winter's upcoming album, "Putting the Days to Bed", but I'm not quite done with it yet. So I decided to give this YouTube cover thing another try. I'll tell you what, though. It's dang hard finding people on YouTube that can both sing and play well. Still, I've got a few pretty good ones here, but just for good measure I'll throw in some non-YouTube stuff. If you recall, I posted about the ironically named "The Males" a short while back, and now I've got the song to that video I posted, "Slit Wrist Teen Queen". Definitely check that out. You may also recall that I have posted about and interviewed Marybell Katastrophy of Tiger Tunes fame. Well, the rest of her band mates contacted me about their own band called Beta Satan. Yeah, I don't get it either, but they make some catchy music, so check out "Q's Wasted Dreams".

Gamatasu007 - Yellow (Coldplay cover).mp3
Miyavi - Blew (Nirvana cover).mp3 *
Beta Satan - Q's Wasted Dreams.mp3
The Black Keys - Act Nice and Gentle.mp3
The Males - Slit Wrist Teen Queen.mp3
(awesome brand-new track)

*This guy is an amazing guitarist

So I promise that very soon I will have reviews for the upcoming Long Winter's Album, My Brightest Diamond Album, Now It's Overhead Album, and Junior Boys Album--so stay tuned!


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