What the World Needs Now...

...is a live version of Coldplay attempting to sing "What the World Needs Now" before giving up rather quickly. But where do we search for this? How about at the end of this post!?

So, there's this kid at school who just graduated, and he was always really quiet in the computer lab, but he shared all his music on iTunes, and one day I went and burned a dvd with a bunch of his mp3s on it. I now have every song Beck has ever recorded (properly) which encompasses some crazy stuff. Anyway, amongst the Beck are some random things like this Coldplay song. It's barely over a minute long, but you've got to love it. Anyway, to make up for the short song I'll also be posting a ridiculous Beck song called "The Aphid Maure Heist Part III". Oh yeah! Have fun with that crap... Tomorrow I really hope to have an interview ready for you all, though, so be patient.

Also, coming up on the 22nd the Fiery Furnaces will be in town, and on the 23rd Tapes 'n Tapes will be playing with the Cold War Kids a few miles from my house, so I'll definitely be attending that. Anyway, maybe I'll score some nice shots or something interesting, like bandmember underpants.

Anyway, sorry for the wierd post, but it's too late, and I feel odd.

Coldplay - What the World Needs Now (live at the Commodore 2001).mp3
Beck - Aphid Manure Hiest Part III.mp3


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