Canadian Hip-Hop: Pocket Dwellers

With this post I decided to do something unprecedented here at Stage Hymns. I would like to present my first ever Hip-Hop artist feature! Aren't you proud of me?! I'm growing so much!

But seriously, the band that warrants such an event must be a great one. I actually like the sound of bands like The Black-Eyed Peas, but I find most of their songs laughable and stupid because nobody in that group is interested in doing something mature or...well...non-sexual with music. It's music for hormonal teenagers if you ask me, which is a shame since they have an interesting sound.

What I have found in the Pocket Dwellers is that same off-the-wall energy and some very similar drum 'n bass, pop, and rock influences--with intelligent lyrics and messages actually worth writing music for. My good friends over at ThisCityRocks.com did an amazing interview/video podcast on these guys last week, and so I had to hit up their website for more info and tunes. They've even got a really cool music video for their "hit" song "Trust Us", which is the most catchy song off their most recent album, PD-Atrics. They've also got their own blog and a number of video blog entries available through their official site's video player.

Check them out for yourself!

Pocket Dwellers - Trust Us.mp3
Pocket Dwellers - Play This Music!.mp3


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