A Mish Mash Sort of Day

Today is a mishmash. I've been working on a special project with the Bully of Culture himself, Chris, for a while now, and I just haven't had the time to dig for that next new artist. So I thought I'd resort to something more expected, I suppose. Today I'm serving up a mini-list, with a couple of mind blowing tracks.


Herbie Hancock - Don't Explain (Featuring Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan).mp3
Starting off, we've got Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan's vocals joining Herbie Hancock's mastery of the ivory keys on "Don't Explain". This track features one of Damien's and Lisa's best performances ever. I don't think I have to tell you that Herbie's on top of him game, too. Do I?

Quentin Grey - Growing Agression.mp3
Here we have an incredible electro-rock song called "Growing Agression" done for an online comic book ("Broken Saints") done by Quentin Grey. It's got an amazing heart pounding chorus. You wont be able to stop playing air guitar after hearing this! It totally belongs in an action movie.

Mice Parade - And Still It Sits In Front of You.mp3
Finally, we have a really nice track by Mice Parade. I haven't been able to get into their music as much as I'd like to, but this song is definitely reason to. I actually came across it playing in the background on someone's blog many months ago. If you're not familiar with Mice Parade you really should be. This song is off their album Obrigado Saudade. If you know MPs music well, I'd love to have some songs reccommended to me!

Well, that's all for today my dear friends!


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