A New Mars Volta Song!

I'm a big fan of progressive rock. Really, I am! But there aren't many musical acts today who do it in the spirit which it began with. One group that has done an outstanding job of carrying the torch is The Mars Volta. This incredible duo knows how to make music without limits. Whether it's an 11 minute song or a sonic-assault-electro-blip solo in the middle of a song--these guys know that if it's good...people will listen.

The band just threw up a new song on their MySpace page (
here) from their upcoming album, Amputechture, which comes out August 22nd on GSL/Strummer/Universal Records. You can head over to their MySpace page to stream the song in two parts, but I've got this MP3 of both parts together which makes listening much less distracting in my opinion.

The new song is called "Viscera Eyes", and it shows no lacking of the ultimate Mars Volta stylings. It appears as track number 6 on the upcoming album, leading this reviewer to believe that it probably makes for a good sample of what's to come. Yes, it definitely sounds like a Mars Volta song, but do you really think you're brain could take anything more progressive anyway?

The Mars Volta - Viscera Eyes


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Michael says "Hi"
'Amputechture' is all over the internet - and yes, it is that good. Go get it!!

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