Possible Favorites: The Possible Selves

I don't think I've been shy about the fact that I use MySpace as a vehicle for exploring usigned and small-time bands. Often, these explorations are rewarded, as in the case of my most recent findig: Possible Selves. The Selves are really just Neal Williams, with a backing band, playing Psychedelic Folk/Country music, as it were. Now, 'Psychedelic Folk/Country' music isn't usually my cup of tea, but you gotta make that jump sometimes, you know? At any rate, I've really enjoyed what I've heard of his so far, and what kind of person would I be to keep this a secret from you?

So how does he sound? Well, he sounds like the type of guy who would just as easily write a song about the end of the world as he would about the pattern of your fingerprints. Does that make any sense? There is equal wonder and understanding in his music. It's quietly stirring, and subtley playful, as though Neal were playing on strings of glass, and feared that they might break. Because of this I would say it makes for very good late-evening music, although, honestly it might be just as beautiful on an autumn afternoon. "Welcome Home" reminds me of old school southern folk, with a twist. The plucking banjo on that track, though, makes it my personal favorite of his. Definitely check that mp3 and 2 others in the download section below, then hit up the Possible Selves MySpace page for another download.

Oh, and be sure to watch for an interview with this talented artist in the near future, as well as an interview with a Stage Hymns favorite, Ingrid Michaelson (which will happen just as soon as I get her some decent questions), and a feature on a friend of hers, William Fitzsimmons. Sorry about the infrequency of posts. Trust me, I know it's frustrating. I'm trying to batten down the hatches on 2 websites right now, as well as getting ready to move back to school for RA training. It's all happening very fast.

Possible Selves - Welcome Home.mp3
Possible Selves - Future Plans.mp3

Possible Selves - Three Birds.mp3

Possible Selves Official Website
Possible Selves on MySpace


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