Upcoming Album: Now It's Overhead "Dark Light Daybreak"

As a band, Now It's Overhead doesn't need much of an introduction in the world of independent music, but they've had a suprisingly small presence in press on this here intershizzle. They must be stuck in one of the "tubes" the internet is apparently made of. Now It's Overhead (NIO from here on out) is currently touring the US with Tilly and the Wall (another Saddle Creek band) and they will be stopping by Saddle Creek home base (Omaha, Nebraska) next Tuesday. I will be in attendence, so I thought it would be fitting for me to post my review of their upcoming album, Dark Light Daybreak, which hits stores September 12th.

The first thing I need to mention about approaching NIO's newest album is that if you like music from the '90s, then you will like Dark Light Daybreak, which has been infused with a lot of '90s sentiments.

"Well, how do you figure, Joe?" you ask.

I'll tell you what I hear in this album. I hear the Smashing Pumpkins (or maybe Zwan, but don't be afraid), I hear the lead singer of Train, and then I hear a bunch of the electronic instrumentation and beats that Saddle Creek artists are notorious for. That warehouse reverb on all the instruments and vocals...The prominent multi-layer harmonies...Just the notes that singer Andy LeMaster chooses, and how they differ from singing the melody, it really reminds me of '90s music. Maybe that's all a bit vague, but nevermind cause we're moving on to more concrete material now...

The album opens with "Let the Sirens Rest", which will undoubtedly be a single from the album, and for good reason. It has the makings of a radio-friendly pop-rock song, with a catchy chorus I can just imagine people singing along to while driving their cars listening to Lite 95 FM, or whatever their area's equivalent is. If you here this song before you hear the rest of the album, rest assured that this is both a good and poor representation of the rest of this very accessable album.

There's a lot of building up in many of the songs, giving off an urgent and dramatic tone. Many of the songs have multiple points where they swell to climactic highs. It's all very compelling to say the least. Stand-out tracks also include "Believe What They Decide", "Night Vision", and the title track "Dark Light Daybreak". I could hear any one of these songs on the soundtrack for a dramatic thrill movie (or even in it's compelling trailer). It's a very cohesive album, with each song clearly tied together in some way (be it sonically or thematically).

I really love this album, and I highly recommend it to all of you. Oh! Did I mention that Stage Hymns favorites Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink (both members of Azure Ray, as well as solo artists) are members of the band? Be sure to check back after Tuesday for a review of their show Tuesday night at the infamous Sokol Underground. Here's a couple of songs off the upcoming album, Dark Light Daybreak.

Now It's Overhead - Believe What They Decide.mp3
Now It's Overhead - Dark Light Daybreak.mp3

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