Back to the Beginning: Creep

Today's post is quite lame, actually, because I've just moved back to school, and I'm going through RA training right now, which is incredibly rigorous. If my writing quality has diminished, please forgive me. It should be back to normal when I am more rested.

I was thinking just now how I first got into Radiohead, consistently my favorite band so far. It's funny, cause I was actually looking for a little number by The Stone Temple Pilots called "Creep", and I downloaded all the resulting MP3s. Now, keep in mind, this is before p2p file sharing and such, so there weren't really that many songs to look through. Of course, I wound up downloading Radiohead's "Creep" and I couldn't get over the way Johnny Greenwood rips that guitar leadind into the chorus. It's funny, because I completely abandoned my search for the STP song until much later, since I was distracted by Radiohead's music.

At any rate, STP's song is definitely up there in my favorite's, even though I don't care for all that much of their work. So today I'd like to share their song with you in case you didn't pick up on it back when it was a radio hit. I've also included Damien Rice's version of Radiohead's song. It seems appropriate that he sing it because his debut album O had plenty of songs with the same tone and theme as "Creep".

EDIT: I posted Damien's cover as "Radiohead - Creep (Radiohead Cover).mp3" cause it was late. I don't know what I was thinking. At any rate, it's fixed now.

Stone Temple Pilots - Creep.mp3
Damien Rice - Creep (Radiohead Cover).mp3


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