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There comes a time when we have to reach way back to the first few weeks of this blog's existence and mention old loves. One of my favorite instrumental acts, The Banjo Consorsium, has informed the public that he has a new project in the works with the ever talented Savery. The best way to describe TBC is "folktronic". After I first heard this guy back in January, I did some searching for other good "folktronic" acts. There really aren't many. A few you may have heard of are Tunng, The Books, and Caribou. It's almost the sound of industrious nature. It's surprisingly organic sounding. I would almost call it the "soundtrack to growth". On one of Jacques' (TBC) songs, "My. Sugar Melted" from le debut, you can almost picture an ant colony hard at work. On "une soirée kebekoise" I feel as though I'm flashing through vignettes of plants growing. Considering how many electronic noises are involved, it's incredible that it sounds so natural. This is some of the most uplifting and calming music around.

The Banjo Consorium has a new album set to arrive in September with 9 brand new songs! A video for "My.Sugar Melted" from le debut will also be coming out around that time. As if that wasn't enough to keep Jacques busy, he's also preparing a show with 5 other artists that will be on in September. He's promised me a few more details as these projects approach.

The Banjo Consorsium - My.Sugar Melted.mp3
The Banjo Consorsium - Une Soirée Kebekoise.mp3
The Banjo Consorsium - Tuesday Craker.mp3*

(*very highly recommended)

OR Download the entire album, le debut, for free (zip): HERE!

The Banjo Consorsium on MySpace
Savery on MySpace
Seedsound (TBC's label)


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