Chris Garneau & some Cat Power...

Well, after the past several posts, I feel like it's time I get back to business, spreading the word about "unknown" bands/artists. So I went digging around in all of your friends lists on MySpace to see what I could find. Well, I found much more than "just some band". I found a real winner, and he doesn't even have his first full LP out yet! Fresh meat, boys and girls...fresh meat. At least for the "Elbo.ws/Hype Machine" crowd (you know who you are). He's actually been touring with some great success for a while now. I just wish he would seee fit to stop by Nebraska (I can dream, can't I?). What I'm saying is that he's up and coming, but he's also arrived to some extent.

His name is Chris Garneau, and he and his band are amazing!

Now, indie music has a pretty wide variety of artists, but it can be polarized into several different categories. Feel free to categorize as you see fit. I, myself, would like to classify this artist as being somewhere amid "acoustic-singer/songwriter", "pensive/low-fi", and "playful/silly-folk". OK...I'm just going to say what I've been trying to avoid saying...He's kind of got a Sufjan Stevens/Fiona Apple/Damien Rice thing going on. I'm sure those of your more heavily steeped in "indie only" music will have other wonderful comparisons, and may I direct you to the comments section of this post. At any rate, I love what I've heard of him. He's got a great feeling going on, if only a bit melodramatic at times. Vocally, though I hate to say it, he's got Fiona and Damien beat in my very humble opinion. I know I'm hyping him so much, but I can't imagine how you would be disappointed. Be his friend at MySpace!


Download>>Chris Garneau - Relief.mp3

I can't stop ;istening to this song! This song is actually a live recording, but you wont believe it is until the applause at the end. It's such a flawless performance and the recording is perfect! This comes from a label compilation (Artist Den Records) called "The Artists Den, Vol. 1" (iTunes link). The record also features Duncan Sheik, who has always had very high praise for Chris, and such artists as Ed Harcourt, David Poe, and Tracy Bonham. Look out for Chris' album that's coming out soon. If you like this song, go buy it off of iTunes, and support a great artist. You can hear more of his work on his MySpace profile.

Download>>SIgmatropic & Cat Power - Haiku Ten.mp3
Everybody loves Cat Power! I couldn't resist posting this, since I just converted it to an mp3 after buying it on iTunes many weeks ago. This is off of a SIgmatropic project to make 16 english-language interpretations of some haikus written by the poet George Seferis. The album, "16 Haiku & Other Stories", features a rathertalented list of contributors, though this is the best song on the album. Check it out!



Final Radiohead Post...For a while

Ok boys and girls. Her is my final post of Radiohead b-sides for a while. I know I said I was going to post all of my b-sides, but I still have over 30 to post. That would take forever! I can't commit the next 5-10 posts to just one band! After all, the fun of all this is to find new and interesting music. So, here are my final selections from my library:

Download>> Radiohead - Wonderwol (Oasis cover).mp3
This has got to be one of the worst covers ever done, but they do it on purpose, and it's hysterical. Yes, I like Oasis too, but they take themselves so seriously, so it's good to see Radiohead poking some fun at them. After all, Radiohead is a way better band!

Download>>Radiohead - Gagging Order.mp3
This sucker is from the US Single for "Go to Sleep", and it's definitely good. It's got much more of a traditional folk-rock or even singer/songwriter sound to it. It's definitely got that melancholy sound Radiohead has perfected, but it's not a dreary or depressing song, by any means. It's very catchy, and almost uplifting to some extent (or at least coming from Radiohead it is).

Download>>Radiohead - The Trickster.mp3
This one almost sounds like it was made for an old James Bond movie. It's really nice, but very different from what you will be used to Radiohead sounding like. It's an edgy rock song, thatcould hold some comparisons to some of The Beatles'edgier work.

Download>> Radiohead - How Can You Be Sure?.mp3
"How Can You Be Sure" is a B-Side from "The Bends", but it was on the Japanese release of teh album, oddly enough. That's where I got this copy from, anyway. A good friend of mine who lives down teh hall shares a love for Radiohead, and he's from Japan, so that's how I got this, anyway.

Download>> Radiohead - Polyethylene, Pts. 1 & 2.mp3
This is an older sounding song from the "airbag/How's My Driving?" US EP, which came out about this time 8 years ago (April 21st, 1998). It's probable that it didn't make the OK Computer LP because it still sounds like "The Bends" (although it does begin to progress to OK Computer). Anyway, it's a very good song, with Great, strong vocals from Thom, and an energetic performance from the band.

Download>>Drugstore (featuring Thom Yorke) - El President.mp3
This is a song off of "WHite Magic is For Lovers" that Thom sang a duet with Drugstore's lead singer on. It's got something of a fitting title considering how much Thom dislikes George W. Bush, don't you think?
Download>>Radiohead - How Can You Be Sure?.mp3

And there you have it, no more Radiohead for a while (at least unti the tour gets exciting for me...). I would post "A Reminder" but the Blog called "A Reminder" posted it a while back here, and you can still find it if you look back a post or two.

Be sure to check out Graham's blog, the bands on-stage sound guy, by checking the RSS ticker underneath the Elbo.ws chart on the right of this post. Thanks again, everybody!


Yet again with the Radiohead b-sides and remixes...

Radiohead continues to release non-album material, and I continue to snatch it up. Here are a couple of B-Sides and some remixes, which are pretty good.

Download>> Radiohead - Cuttooth.mp3
This B-Side is from the "Knives Out" UK Single #2. It has a somewhat weak intro, but that can mainly be attributed to being abandoned before it was mastered completely. It's a semi-rollicking jam-out with some interesting blends betwixed the piano and guitars. It's the first time we hear Thom Yorke use the words "I don't know why I feel so skinned alive." The next time her used these words was in the song "Myxamatosis" on the album "Hail to the Thief". It's a very interesting sound for Radiohead. I feel like it's a miture between Pablo Honey, The Bends, and Hail to the Thief, with very little OK Computer, Amnesiac or Kid A in it.

Download>> Radiohead - Arpeggi (Ether Festival 05).mp3
You'll find this song like something of an astral adventure. It's very light and airy. It's almost like teh whole song is a refrain. Interesting strings with Johnny on cello as well as others. Thom's voice is pretty spot on. This is pretty much the best recording of it available. The slightly poor quality is due to the acoustics in the room and the sound equipment.

Download>> Radiohead - We Suck Young Blood (Solcofn mix).mp3
This remix reminds me of Massive Attack's work a lot. It's very dark and ominous (as the songs title would make one think). It's got this creeping darkness thing working pretty well. This remix actually samples the original song more than it uses it as a base soundtrack, but it's good nonetheless. Fans of Massive Attack and maybe even Portishead will appreciate this one the most.

Download>> Radiohead - I WIll (Matelic Mix).mp3
A strange electro-remix. It mostly keeps the slower pace of the original song (from Hail to the Thief), but certainly makes it sound like a totally different song. It sort of sounds like it was made for a videogame or a driving in the rain scene in a movie. I don't care for it so much, but I needed to have it. Maybe you will like it!



More Radiohead B-sides and Cover

Tomorrow is Radiohead's last day of studio session rehearsals before they take the world by storm with their first group live performance in exactly 2 years. In celebration and anticipation, I will be posting all of my unposted radiohead b-sides for the next several days. Some are live, and some are studio, but they are all my precious babies. They have taken very logn to assemble, and I don't even have them all. That's just what I get for not using p2p software. Anyway, here's today's installments:

Download>> Radiohead - I Am A WIcked Child.mp3

A groovy,bluesy, western jam off of the American single for "Go To Sleep". A must have.

Download>> Radiohead - Fog (Again) - Live.mp3

Now, here's a classic b-side. This track is so good, that I am sure the only reason it's a b-side is because it's just Thom on piano, without anyone else in the group. Thom generally likes to practice piano 5+ hours a day before recording when the band is in the studio, so it's only natural that songs like this come up. It's a beautiful and pensive song. Very Thom, though not necessarily very Radiohead. It comes off of the UK single for "Go To Sleep". That's right, I imported the CD single myself.

Download>> John Mayer - Kid A (acoustic Radiohead cover).mp3

Believe it or not, this is a great cover. John's guitar skills are impeccable, and he doesn't try to change the song at all. It really shows how talented he is, and how good he could sound if he stayed away from writing songs that just get him laid.

Download>> Blur - Cowboy Song.mp3

This song has long been remoured to have been done by Blur and Radiohead. This rumor is very false, but the song actually sounds like it could be real. It's got some very cool electronic stuff that's passable as Radiohead. This one is from the "Dead Man on Campus" soundtrack. Enjoy it, my friends.



Mia Doi Todd

Mia Doi Todd is quite possibly the best hidden gem of a musician that I have ever stumbled upon. In fact, she's so graceful, and I stumbled upon her so clumsily, that I feel completely unworthy of knowing of her. As a way to atone, I will share of her with anyone I can, including you! I realize that many other blogs have posted on her, including the ever-popular MOKB. Nonetheless...

Mia is on the Plug Research Label, which we like so very much. Her voice sounds like the gal from "My Brightest Diamond" (aka Head Illinoisemaker) but her music is even more pensive than that bands. Her music is so fragile, like gossamer in flight down from the ceiling. If you think you've heard her voice before, you may be correct. She's sang for other groups including Dntel. She's released some 5 or 6 albums now, and one is a fabulous remix album. Dntel contributes to it among many others.

She has been named one of the KCRW Tunes of the Day, so I'm not alone in my appreciation. You simply must give her a listen! Head on over to her website's video section and check out the video for "My Room is White". She's enchanting like a siren. All I've got of "My Room is White" here on the site is the remix, so watch the video so you know how it originally sounded (which is great to begin with).

Download>>Mia Doi Todd - My Room is White (Flying Lotus Remix).mp3
Download>>Mia Doi Todd - The Way.mp3
Download>>Mia Doi Todd - Planting (New Version).mp3
Download>>Mia Doi Todd - What if We Do? (Nobody Remix).mp3


Radiohead and MySpace, Together At Last...

The Boys from Britain are back in rehearsal, and we've got an inside look! Not just us, though...everyone! That's right. The man who is responsible for the sound system on the band's end (monitors, in-ear monitors, etc.) has been posting the bands activity in the rehearsal studio. His name is Graham Lee. He's a music-techie. He's 49, a swinger, and available ladies...um. Anyway, Graham's got a MySpace blog, which is completely hideous to the eye, but ripe with juicy morsels about the band's day-to-day. As they prepare for their coming tour, the band has been practicing both new material and old songs from other bands to cover. Apparently they practice 10 of these songs each day before moving on to their own material.

If you want the rest of the details (right down to when they break for tea) head over to Graham's Blog: Click Here!

You may notice that I've added a news ticker from his blog's RSS feed just underneath the Elbo.ws Top 10 on the right of the screen. Each item is a post. I mostly added this for myself as a quick way to check for updates (since I'm always using my page as a jump-off into the internet anyway), but you can share with me. Right?

The following are my favorite Radiohead B-Sides of all time. I have every Radiohead B-Side except for 4 or 5, so I would say that these are pretty much the cream of the crop. I would have posted Big Boots (Man-O-War) but I only have a couple crummy live versions.

EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - How I Made My Millions.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - Kinetic.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - The Amazing Sounds of Orgy.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - Paperbag Writer.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - Banana CO.mp3*
EXPIRED!!!>> Radiohead - India Rubber.mp3

*solid gold goodness



Don Peris

Don Peris, an artist on Badman Recording's "mostly intrumental" label Jemez Mountain, has semi-recently released his newest album "Go When the Morning Shineth" on Badman's website. You can buy the album on the website for now, or wait until May16th when the album will be available in stores. If you head over to DonPeris.com you can score a free download of the video for "Delaware" off of the upcoming album.

Don's music brings to mind Ye Olde Nick Drake, early Paul Simon, and maybe even the instrumentals on Beck's "Sea Change".

Don's played on albums from Natalie Merchant, Denison Whitmer, and as the guitarist of the Innocence Mission. "Go..." will be his own second album, following "Ten Silver Slide Trombones", which was received with a number of 4/5 star reviews. Don Peris will be touring the east coast and the midwest this summer with Denison Whitmer.

EXPIRED!!!>>Don Peris - Day Trip.mp3

EXPIRED!!! >Don Peris - Flyer.mp3
EXPIRED!!! >>Don Peris - Firefly.mp3
EXPIRED!!! >>Don Peris - Ribbon of Highway.mp3



Cursive, the dissonant Omaha band, has just finished recording their upcoming album, "Happy Hollow". No tracklist has been released yet. In fact, you can scarecely find any indication of the albums completion in the interenet. But rest assured, the band's website will son post the announcment. The band started recording back in mid-February and had hoped to have it finished by mid-April. Making good on their expectations, the expected release date of the album is August 22nd, and will release on Saddle Creek Records. They're planning a few dates in July, and expect to go on their US tour in September.

EXPIRED!!!>>Cursive - Driftwood, A Fairy Tale.mp3


James Figurine

James Figurine, one of Jimmy Tamborello's (Postal Service/Dntel) projects has announced that recording has just wrapped up on their next album, "Mistake Mistake Mistake". The album will be released in the US on July 11th on Plug Research.

The tracklist for the upcoming album was also posted on Dntel's MySpace page, and is as follows:

1. 55566688833
2. Leftovers
3. Ruining the Sundays
4. Pretend It's A Race and I'm On Your Side
5. You Again6. Apologies
7. One More Regret
8. White Ducks
9. All The Way To China
10. Stop

Music For Robot's has an excellent review of Track 1 ("55566688833"), which I thought everyone should read. He's also posted a download for the track. So if you haven't already, go on over and check that out, right away.

EXPIRED!!!>>James Figurine - Apologies.mp3



The Rapture and Ray LaMontagne

THE RAPTURE has been all over the music blogosphere as of recent, with leaked songs from their upcoming album being posted. The band has asked for people to take down any links to these leaked songs. It's strange how some of this works out. I would think twice about posting leaked material, though. Especially after the recent Gnarls Barkley incident. Coincidently, Danger Mouse, the man behind Gnarls Barkley, has worked with The Rapture on their upcoming album. If I had to guess I would say that he might have a very strong opinion on the mp3 blog issue. Anyway, the lesson is this: Don't post leaked songs unless you want trouble.

Honestly, I don't see what the hype was about, anyway. I've listened to a godd number of their tracks now, and it just sounds like noise to me. Their singers voice is not something I could dance to, but they're considered dance rock!? Anyways...

RAY LAMONTAGNE's been in the elbo.ws "chart" for a while. I've been a fan of this guy for about a year and a half now, since my sister introduced me to "Trouble", his amazing LP. Well, if you're like me you can't wait 'til the next album comes out. The good folks over at I am Fuel, You Are Friends have come up with something to help us bide our time. They've posted a nice collection of unreleased tracks (most likely ones that didn't make it onto "Trouble"). You can download the songs individually or all together in a zip file! Check it out here.


EXPIRED!!! Ray LaMontagne - All the Wild Horses.mp3
EXPIRED!!! Josh Rouse - EL Otro Lado.mp3
EXPIRED!!! Brett Dennen - Desert Sunrise.mp3



Rose Catastrophe

Rose Kemp has stolen my heart. Now, bloggers have given her a nod, but none that I have read seem to fully appreciate what she's doing, or they're keeping her all to themselves. Now, Rose doesn't have a full LP out yet, only an EP, which may be why I haven't been able to find very much mention of her. Her website used to have downloads to all her songs, but the links seems to be broken now. At any rate, below I've provided you with a song that is exquisite. "Fire in the Garden" has an almost acapella war-time 40s lounge sound.

Look for her upcoming single, "Violence". "Violence" is a rocking, poppy radio-ready single. It's got a really solid structure, if you appreciate that kind of thing.

EXPIRED!!!>>Rose Kemp - Fire in the Garden.mp3

Marybell Katastrophy is an up and coming Danish talent. Don't worry, the songs I have heard of hers are in English! A smooth indie-prime voice set to beguiling electronic/mixed playfullness. I'm sure that she'll get picked up in Europe pretty soon, and hopefully it wont be long after 'til the States get their act together and follow suit. Her song "Hey Frank" seems to be getting the most attention in the blogosphere. It reminds me of the Japanese-choir-music soundtrack of the anime "Ghost in the Shell" during the chorus, and of some slow club music during the verses. I don't know, see what you think...

EXPIRED!!!>>Marybell Katastrophy - Hey Frank.mp3

Rose Polenzani is a gifted folk songstress who's been picking up some much deserved attention, but I just felt the need to put her name in here if I possibly could. There's a tangeable innocence in her voice that very much reminds me of Brett Dennen. Of what I have heard, she seems to play very calm but emotive acoustic tracks. She may not grab you by the throat with a melody, but her songs have a way of carrying you away with subtlety. "Blue Angel" is my favorite song of hers, and "Abalin" is a great track featuring Andrew Byrd.

EXPIRED!!!>>Rose Polenzani - Blue Angel.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>>Rose Polenzani ft. Andrew Byrd - Abalin.mp3



Bright Eyes and Thievery Corporation


I know that either you like his voice or you hate it, but BRIGHT EYES' Connor Oberst has announced that he'll be playing a free show in his (and my own) hometown Omaha, NE on June 17th. Every year the city has some good or decent group come and play at Memorial Park on Dodge Street. Last year they had 311, also Omaha natives, and the Mayor of Omaha said that this "inspired" him to have Bright Eyes at this year's event. Usually they have seriously old bands like the Beach Boys or Three Dog Night (both of which I like, but come on!). The strange thing is that Bright Eyes is also playing Bonnaroo Festival from June 16th-18th. It remains to be seen how the two shows will be reconciled. Anyway, if you live in the area I hope to see you there. It's known that Bright Eyes is working on another album, so maybe you'll get the chance to hear some brand new stuff. Honestly, how does this guy right so much music. I know I don't have all his songs but I've got 106 tracks from him. We can all argue that half o them are just sketches, but still!

EXPIRED!!!>> Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere And It's Now.mp3

Thievery Corporation is now taking pre-orders for their upcoming remix album, "Versions" which is due out May 16th. You can grab your copy for only $13.98! The album will feature quite a mixture of sampling, dub, and remix. The track list looks pretty interesting, though Amazon.com hasn't given them a very good review. Everyone knows that these guys are masters, though. The Amazon review use terms like "wasted opportunity" which never usually refers to TC. I've always been a fan, no matter what direction they take it or don't take it in. TC's music oozes style and quiet confidence. I'm sure I'll be happy. Check out the track list:

1. Tarana/Ustad Sultan Khan
2. Habanos Days/Damien
3. This is not a Love Song/Nouvelle Vague
4. Beloved/Anoushka Shankar
5. Who Needs Forever/Astrud Gilberto
6. Desert/Emilie Simon
7. Lemon Tree/Herb Alpert
8. Originality/Thievery Corporation Featuring Sister Nancy
9. In Love/Fear Of Pop
10. The Girl’s Insane/The Januaries
11. Strange Days/The Doors
12. Revolution Solution(TC Remix)/Thievery Corporation
13. Shiva (TC Remix)/Thievery Corporation
14. Khalghi stomp/Transglobal Underground
15. Angels/Wax Poetic Featuring Norah Jones
16. Nothing To Lose/Isabelle Antena
17. Cada Beijo/Bebel Gilberto
18. Dirty LIttle Secret/Sarah McLachlan

Here are some of my favorite TC tracks in celebration.

EXPIRED!!!>> Thievery Corporation - From Creation.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>> Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon.mp3
EXPIRED!!!>> Thievery Corporation - The State of the Union.mp3