An Interview with Page France!

If you don't know about the band Page France, you may not be living under a rock, but you're missing out on something amazing. For those of you who do know the band, you are aware of just how rereshing their music, and more importantly, their lyrics can be. Mike Nau, the band's lead singer and principal writer has penned some of the most exciting metaphors and allegories I've ever heard in music. Matt, from YANP, did an interview with Mike Nau a while ago that was just great, which you should definitely check out. The band's answers to Matt's questions raised new questions in my mind, though, and I had to ask them of the band.

So, when they got home from their most recent tour, Mike sat his weary self down and kindly answered some questions that I had emailed him. I really tried to focus on asking questions that other interviews hadn't answered already, so they might seem kind of odd, but oh well...

First, since you're just coming off of a tour, I've got to ask this--Do you find that your perspective, or your voice with each song that you perform changes or evolves when you're on tour, performing it in front of people for the first time? Is there something inside you that's like, "Well, when I wrote this I was thinking...but with all these people here, I feel...about it now." ?

Yeah, I think so. Certain songs really come to life when we're playing them in front of people for the first time. I often get bored with songs - you know, the redundancy that goes hand-in-hand with touring, and playing the same batch of songs each night, so it is always very encouraging to look out, and realize that those same songs are actually fresh to everyone there. Sometimes it's easy to forget that.

In your interview with Matt over at You Aint No Picasso, you made an interesting statement in the last question he asked you. You said that you would be fulfilled as a musician if you were able to make a lot of albums and have good attendence at your shows. Every artist I've encountered has a goal, but few of them talk of being fulfilled. How might you explain this fulfillment, as opposed to meeting goals or reaching milestones?

Well, I believe that we're already fulfilled. I've never set any goals or milestones...this whole things just sort of snuck up on me, without any planning. I enjoy making records, and to be able to make a record that somebody on the other half of the Country enjoys listening to is just strange to me. It's overwhelming, and difficult to explain.

How much do you consider "the fans" when making songs, both lyrically and musically?

There's always a sense of wonder in the back of my head... you know, "what will people think of this?". However, I think that it's important to not get too caught up in it. I would never be able to complete a record if I wasn't doing it selfishly. I went through a phase where I worried so much about those things, and all that I ever got out of it became a few inches too close to a nervous breakdown. I just want to make records that I think are interesting...and hopefully listeners will find them positively stimulating in some way.

When writing lyrics you use a fair amount of metaphors. Lines like "A saw a flower on the doorstep makinglove with the sun, and it turned into a garden when they were done," really draw beautiful comparisons/metaphors, that sound too good to have come to you by accident. Where do you look, or how do you look to draw these metaphors and comparisons?

Most of the songs that I am most proud of do come spontaneously. I would like to say that I can sit down and make a flood come out of a rock, but it just doesn't work that way for me.

In researching for this interview, I have come across several reviews of your albums that express some amount of disconnection with your music's "world-view"; with you expressing a certain amount of child-like innocence. Do you feel that the world-view presented by your songs is "unrealistic" or do you feel that it is parallel to your own? For that matter, what's wrong with us "becoming like a child"?

I think that the records are very light-hearted, in a way. I write songs when I am in a particular state. I like the thought of having a featherchest. Of course, not everyone will agree and relate...sometimes, I don't even believe what I write, but I would like to.

When you finish recording an album's songs, what is it that you're feeling at that time?

"Is it really finished?"

Musically, does Page France, as a band, move in context with the music world, or does it evolve solely with themembers of the band?

I would like to believe that it evolves with the members of the band...and I think that it does, in most ways.

How do you approach as your band is now joining Suicide Squeeze, a label with so many innovative artists on its roster?

We are very excited to be a part of the roster. We'll approach things the way that we have in the past.

As someone who is able to appreciate the spiritual language you use to convey certain messages, I wonder what role does spiritual uncertainty play in your lyric writing? In regards to the curiosity and uncertainty in your songs, do you feel it is necessary to hold this tentative position to maintain the mood of the song?

Spirituality and faith, to me, is uncertainty. I write from a tentative position, because my head doesn't operate in terms of fact much of the time. I write without agenda, and feel most comfortable writing about my uncertainties.

There are many good bands in the world today, many without labels or albums to speak of. As I constantly search for great bands, I like to ask bands what other bands they listen to, whether for inspiration or just for enjoyment. Whoare you listening to currently? What bands are some of the staples of your music collection?

A few of my current favorite records are : Margo Guryan - Take a Picture, Dylan - New Morning The Upsetters - SuperApe


Check the downloads>>

Page France - Bridge.mp3
Page France - We Remain As Two.mp3
Page France - So Sweetly Around Me.mp3



My Broken Frame, an Interview...

When I first heard "I Was There" by French songwriter My Broken Frame (Guillaume Léglise) I felt like I should've heard his music long ago. In some sense, though, I have. Guillame channels the character of Nick Drake's vocals, and the mood of some of Tim Buckley's songs ("Once I Was"), and fits them into a compelling arrangement that just feels so relevent, and moving. Plenty of bands can put together a song that sounds like however they want to sound, but doesn't match the mood to the lyrics so much. Guillame's songs have the thought put into them that makes every song a completed moment, with the full range of feelings that can be felt in such a moment. Guillame obliged me, recently with some answers to a few questions that I had for this mostly unknown songwriter.

You've said that you started writing music six years ago. When did you realize that you wanted to write music?

Maybe when I heard for the first time "What would the community think" LP by Cat Power... That was 10 years ago. I was 16.At this time, my Mum had bought me a guitar for Christmas.When I was 6, I asked my parents to buy a piano. But I didn't realize I would actually have to take lessons to be able to play...and I hated taking lessons...but I was dreaming I could write songs, just like that, sitting at piano and looking at the keys!...and I finally ended up composing my first song with a guitar, 10 years later.

Obviously, both are very important, but now that you've done some touring, do you prefer writing music or touring?

I think that from now on, I prefer touring. But maybe one day it could be different. I've got a dream : live in a house near the sea where I could record my music.

What are your favorite bands?

Anthony and the Johnsons, Belle and Sebastian, Young Marble Giants,The Zombies, Camera Obscura, Suzanne Vega, Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Death Cab For Cutie, Diane Cluck, Herman Düne, Elliot Smith, Sun Kill Moon/ Red House Painters, Mojave 3, Julie Doiron, Jeff Buckley, Paloma, Gastr del Sol, Jim O'rourke, Ron Sexsmith, The Smiths, Sophie Moleta, Spirtiualized, Songs Ohia, The Magnetic Fields, The Dream Syndicate, The Sundays, Sufjan Stevens, Stereolab, Pavement, Talk Talk.

What bands have influenced your music?

Tom Waits, Red House Painters, Nick Drake, John Coltrane, Songs Ohia, Young Marble Giants, Yo La Tengo, Anthony and the Johnsons, Julie Doiron, David Sylvian.

How do you describe your music to people?

"Folk dreamy pop"... For nostalgic girls and boys....

How do you get inspiration to write a song, and what does the song writing process look like for you?

Usually my inspiration comes from strong moments of my life, be they happy or sad. I get inspired by the people that surround me, the relations I have with my friends and my family, the feelings I have for them and memories I share with them.

But sometimes, I write a song when I watch a good movie. The pictures inspire me...I write the music at the beginning. I write the entire song with one instrument, piano or guitar. I find the melody really soon. Then I write the lyrics. Then I take other instruments...

Which of your songs is your favorite, right now?

It's always the last I wrote...

What is the name "My Broken Frame" about? Why did you pick that name?

It's a tribute to the New Wave. An LP of Depeche Mode is called "A broken frame". It's a really old one. I'm 26, and I feel like a son of the new wave. That was a real liberation for music and creativity.But it also refers to As for the title of the album, "Chapel Hill", it's a city where my mother worked for a few months when I was 9, and I spent one month holiday with her there.

What has the response to your LP, Chapel Hill, been? How do you feel about the response?

Today Chapel Hill is just a CDR. But we'll publish it, here in France, next September. I'm looking for a licence and distributors in the US and in UK....MySpace is a great way to promote my music around the world and reach people I would have never been able to reach otherwise. I get mails from Australia, Italy, Canada, USA, UK...without being released there. Some radios in the US and in Canada also played my tunes.

How do you feel about having played with Final Fantasy?

Actually I just had a gig with him in Paris. That was really cool. And few days ago I also played with Wedding Present, an old and really good noisy pop band from UK.

What band would be your favorite to tour with?

Maybe with my friends Herman Düne because they are so cool and friendly. They've got some amazing songs.Maybe with Josh Ritter or Ron Sexsmith. I admire them.

What is the purpose of music to you?

To be free, open my soul and meet people and musicians, travel all over the world....

Be sure to pick up a copy of My Broken Frame's LP, Chapel Hill, when it comes out in September. Check out his MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/mybrokenframe, to keep updated about the LP's release, and to download/listen to some of his songs.

Edit: Check these MP3's from My Broken Frame as well...

My Broken Frame - Something You Really Need.mp3
My Broken Frame - Willy's Story.mp3

As a small way to take part in Memorial Day, I've got a good War-related song for you...

Download>>Zoe Keating - Legions (War).mp3

As a note, Zoe Keating is a member of Rasputina who, as a solo artist, has opened for Imogen Heap (Frou Frou) several times. She uses only a cello and creates her own samples which she lays as a background, then layers her cello in over that. Check her out on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/zoecello!



Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Be in the video!

Check it out!




Interviews come in all different Shapes and Sizes...

Shapes and Sizes, a band on the Asthmatic Kitty label, is an exciting and slightly whimsical band that's been catching a fair amount of attention, but not nearly enough considering just how relevent their music is in today's polarized music scene. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "But Joe! There are a bazillion different new genres recently!" Well, friends, in that you have a point. But what of bands that don't fit into genres...not even their own?

Here you have a band that can really react to its own leadings and ideas. Whatever extra work they have to put in to batton down the hatches on their sound really pays off.

I jumped for the opportunity, recently, to commune with Nathan from the Shapes, to discuss their upcoming album, as well as some deeper issues regarding their music...or something like that.

Could you give us some preview , in your own words, of your upcoming 10-track album coming out July 11th?

The records actually pretty old for us now... we recorded it in late 2004 and early 2005, so it's been finished for well over a year now. When we're touring, we mostly play newer songs. That being said, we're really happy with this album, and we're really happy that it's getting out there.

In what principal way is your band do differently from other bands?

I guess one way that our band's different than other bands is that there's three people writing songs for the band. I think that it makes the band's sound a little harder to pin down than some. I guess the challenges for the band might be different. When some bands are trying hard to make the songs sound varied from each other, we're often trying to make the songs sound more cohesive.

What are your very favorite things about music?

What a question... I can't speak for the band on this, and I can't really answer that in any complete way... but, some of my favorite moments listening to music is when a song explores (and introduces me to) a feeling or emotion that I've never experienced before.

What are your favorite bands? What bands are doing things that excite you right now?

Deerhoof!, Fiery Furnaces, Danielson, there's a band from Austin called the Weird Weeds that we love!... the self titled Akron Family cd is great... there's way too many, but that's a few.

How do other people describe your music?

Reviewers are generally pretty quick (often too quick) to compare bands to other bands. We've just started to have our cd reviewed, but we've already been compared a lot... usually to other Canadian bands. One reviewer compared us to Broken Social Scene. I don't have anything against them, but I don't think we sound like them.

How has the response to your music been so far?

We just came off a two month tour through the states. It was too long, but it was good. We played a lot of sets for just a few people, but there were always people who were really into it, which was really encouraging. We're really excited about the next tour (probably August)... the record will be out, and we have no idea what to expect.

How do you get inspiration to write a song, and what does the song writing/recording process look like for your band?

I always find it funny thinking about "inspiration" in the context of writing songs, it makes it sound so easy. I usually just sit down to write, it's usually way harder and more frustrating than you want it to be, a couple times it's been easy... I write a lot on the computer, basically using it as an 8 track. I generally bring in a song with all the parts done, and the band will just learn the parts. I'm trying to bring the songs in less completed lately, though, so that the band can work with it. Caila and Rory write with just a guitar or keyboard and they bring songs in less complete.

Do you guys spend time together as a band when you're not writing or recording?

Yeah we do. We're all pretty good friends.


Well, there you have it. Be sure to check out the band's self-titled, upcoming album on Asthmatic Kitty July 11th. In the mean, be sure and grab these tracks, which give you a great sense of this band's fun and focused musical demeanor. By the way, the song "Wilderness" has a great line in it; "Kisses are our friends, my friend. And I know a lot about them." How cool is that?

Download>> Shapes and Sizes - Wilderness.mp3
Download>> Shapes and Sizes - Island's Gone Bad.mp3

Shapes and Sizes on Myspace: HERE!




An Interview with Kid Harpoon, plus a download...

Kid Harpoon has quickly become one of my favorite guitar acts, and not only for his musicianship, but for his honesty which comes out through his lyrics and in his live performances. Recently, I asked him to answer some questions in order to get a deeper insight into his life and creative process. Check it out:

What is your very favorite thing about music?

Its quite hard for me to pick one thing about music that I like. It is infinitely great on a number of levels. On a personal level, as a listener it influences my moods or ideas and has had a profound impact on my way of life. As an artist it acts as a way for me to express myself on a public level, and also to excercise myself spiritually. On a grand level, it has the power to lead the voice of political activists, and to embrace and unite cultures. I can't really say I think about this a lot when I play my guitar and sing though, it's just what I do. Bob Marley summed it up better when he said that "the one good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain."

What are your favorite bands? What bands are doing things that excite you right now?

I think these are two quite different questions. I'm not really surehow to answer either. I listen to a lot of music and it would be a huge and boring list of names for me to write and probably for you to read. Here are a few things I can remember listening to today (22/05/06) though: "Solomon Song" Kurt Weill (performed by Marianne Faithfull), "Paranoid Android" Radiohead, "Say it ain't so" Weezer,"Piano Phase" Steve Reich, "Cold Brains" Beck, "Money for Nothing"Dire Straits.

What are some of the major themes that emerge in your music and lyric writing?

There are themes within my music, and a number of different styles which I hop amongst. Subconciously, I think I have a sense of how I want chords to change and melodies to work, I generally try to either work with or against this. Sometimes a song may need to take a necessary direction or maybe it just needs to get lost for a while. I guess that's part of trying to understand my own style though, which is the spiritual side to music.

Lyrically, this is similar and the themes are much more noticeable. Usally other people spot them better than me. I personally like to play with imagery a lot, I think it's amazing that words can make you see things. The natural world really fascinates me. Colours, Water, Animals and Relationships. Things that we see everyday which are so intense to think about.

Are your lyrics more personal or imaginative?

A bit of both really. I think they can work well together, which is what fashion is about I suppose. It's a way of being imaginative with your public personality. I think the same applies to music and words.

You seem to have an awful lot of fun performing, and your lyrics convey a serious attempt at having fun with words and ideas. Would you say this is true?

"A serious attempt at having fun with words and ideas". That's the best thing anyone's ever said about me. I hope it is true. I talk to my Mum a lot about writing and she always says that the only way to get on with writing is to play with the words. Otherwise they won't play with you.

How do you describe your music to people? How do other people describe your music?

I'm really bad with this question. I'd probably just hand them a flyer for a gig and hope for the best. If people try and describe it to me I usually just nod and agree.

What do you feel are the key elements of a good or great song, at least for yourself?

I guess there's no manual to it, but a good friend said to me recently that he gets on well with music that has personality. Whether that's within a warm pop song or an obscure classical piece I don't think it matters as long as it works.

How do you see your own music progressing or evolving?

I think only time can tell. I've been playing guitar and singing since I can remember and I won't ever stop. That's about all I know for sure. I don't think I'm fit to do anything else properly, and don't really want to. As for where the journey will take me I don't know, I think that's the best thing about it.

How do you get inspiration to write a song, and what does the songwriting/recording process look like for you?

For the last four months I've been writing daily and have around 100 songs written and recorded on my laptop. All of varying quality and stages of development. I think inspiration is almost like a moment of enlightenment, and I like to write a lot so that when it happens I can maximize the experience.

Do you prefer performing/touring or writing/recording?

Both are really hard work and yet amazing when they happen. I couldn't just hide away and write all the time without sharing with anyone, butI couldn't be a touring monkey either. I couldn't think of one without the other.

What is the purpose of music to you?

This interview has been intense and it's been a pleasure to answer these questions. I'm proud that someone thinks I'm fit to put forward answers. I don't really understand the higher power of music any more than the next person though, and I use music in all the good and bad ways it is and has always been used. To get laid, get paid, and explore my soul.

I'm a pretty huge fan of breakfast. I think eating is a great way to start the day, and I'm very thankful that I can...so what is the ultimate breakfast food for you?

Anything at the moment as I've only got 4p to my name. However, full fat fry-up is standard.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yeah, I'd love to give some shout outs to Tom the Man, Larrikin Love, Statik, Mystery Jets, Fearney C, Brik a Brak, Nambucca, and FROG. They've all got MySpace sites and are all doing amazing things. Check'em all out. Thanks for the questions Joe, it's been a pleasure. See you at a gig soon.

Be sure to check out Kid Harpoon's upcoming single release, "Riverside", on June 26th!
Until then, here is a demo track of his that's got a phenomenal sound to it:

Download>>Kid Harpoon - Running Through Tunnels (Bayston Rd).mp3

Check out Kid Harpoon's Website and MySpace page, as well.


Don Peris CD Release - Quick Post

Hey there. This is just a quick post for the mid-day crowd. If you haven't checked out the "official" post (w/ Ladytron, etc) for today, just scroll down a bit. Don Peris, guitarist of The Innocence Mission, has released his newest album, "Go When The Morning Shineth", today! It's a mostly instrumental album, so you can really focus on Don's incredible guitar playing skills. There are a number of free downloads available on his website or over at DonPeris.com or TheInnocenceMission.com, so get to it! This music is perfect for relfecting at the end of the day, maybe reading a book outside or whatever situation you're most contemplative and relaxed in. My personal favorite song is "Firefly", so...

Download>>Don Peris - Firefly.mp3

You can buy the album,"Go When The Morning Shineth", now on iTunes>>Here


Ladytron Live, The Lisps, and Chris Garneau

Ladytron is easily one of today's foremost electroclash ensembles, and for very good reason. These Liverpoolians (?) really know how to give an atmosphere to their music, and they put on one heck of a live show. Today I'll be serving up a live track from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic series with Ladytron performing "Destroy Everything You Touch" back on May 4th. This puppy reached #42 on the British charts last year, but is certainly more deserving than that. It's an awesome song from the band's most recent endeavor, Witching Hour (which you can buy at their store). You can check out the stream at www.kcrw.com. Check out the video for "Destroy Everything You Touch" here, and then head over to their MySpace page and be their friend!

Download>>Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (live on KCRW).mp3

Good news for those of you who live in the New York area. Chris Garneau, one of Stage Hymn's heroes will be performing this coming Friday night (May 26th) in The Listening Room at Bruckner Bar in the Bronx. The show starts at 8pm, and also features the talents of The Lisps, Most Other People Do the Killing!, and the debut of Dave Lerner's (of Pharmacists) new band Spectacular Birds. Head over to TheLisps.com for directions.

Want to know the best part? Oh! You already guessed it? The show is completely free! How can you beat that? You can't! So stop trying already!!! You should check out The Lisps' MySpace page and give "Pepper Spray" a listen. It's one spectacular song!

Tomorrow, hopefully an interview. Until then, my lovelies...


Mia Doi Todd & a Radiohead cover

The man is back! Hot dang, and just in time...I have no excuse, but I promise a ton of updates in the very near future. I've got 3 artists on board for interviews right now, and more on the way! Today we've got some downloads! How exciting.

So what do I have for you today? Well a while ago I posted on Mia Doi Todd , and had a couple of downloads available for her. You called me a fake, a ruse for posting some one you had never heard of before. But now you are back, and so am I, and so is she, and so...am...I. She has one of the most gorgeous voices that I have ever heard. SO I was digging through some re-hashed CDs at my local purveyor of pawned music, when I found a Mia Doi Todd (Plug Reserach Label ) CD! Goldenstate is its name, and it's spectacular. It arrived in 2002 with a fairly high level of critical acclaim, garnering Mia comparisons to "a modern Yeats" (No, you silly schoolgirl, he's a poet!). So, since I had previously overlooked this album, I thought it necessary to share some of it with you. These tracks are my absolute favorites on the album, but you really should get the whole thing, because the tracks fit so seemlessly together. While you're at it, pick up her latest release, "La Ninja".

Mia Doi Todd - The Way.mp3 (repost)
Mia Doi Todd - Autumn.mp3
Mia Doi Todd - Merry Me.mp3
Mia Doi Todd - Growing Pains.mp3
Mia Doi Todd - 88 Ways.mp3

And just for the heck of it (translation: because I could use some excitement) I'll throw out a Radiohead track that you may not already have. It's the Tears for Fears cover of Creep. Tears for Fears and Radiohead were on tour together at the time. It is known that Thom and the boys thought that TFF made it sound so haughty and pompous. If you listen to the words, you'll hear that instead of singing "I want a perfect body/I want a perfect soul." he sings "I've got a perfect body, now I want a perfect soul." It totally changes the mood of the song. Suddenly its the drunken captain of the football team singing tongue-in-cheek because the girl he wants to lay finds him disgusting. But, hey! Here it is!

Radiohead let the boys of TFF keep playing it though, because they had to pay Radiohead every time that they did. Zing!

Tears for Fears - Creep (live Radiohead cover).mp3



Marybell Katastrophy, An Interview...

Hey everyone!

Talk about lame! I haven't posted for over a week! So, I hope to make up for it with this awesome interview with Marybell Katastrophy, of Tiger Tunes notoriety.

1)What is your very favorite thing to do?
-Definitely to spend time with the ones I love!

2)If you could say one thing to the whole world, and have everyone on earth hear you, what would you say?

3)What kind of books do you like to read?
-Right now books about making audio for computergames.

4)What was the last CD your bought or downloaded?
-I just bought The Knife: Silent Shout

5)What are your favorite bands?
-these days its mostly Of Montreal, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Antony And The Johnsons, Sufjan Stevens, Cocorosie and The Knife

6)What bands have influenced your music?
-Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Björk, The Knife, Beach Boys, Cocorosie, Monotekktoni, Speaker Bite Me, a lot of classical stufflike Chopin.

7)When did you start writing music and singing?
-I always played piano and we always sang a lot in my family. I started writing music when I was around 15 years old, but only for myselfBut when I joined my first REAL rockband Baton Rouge (now www.tonekontroll.dk), it got serious. After that I joined different bands, including Tiger Tunes, but now I decided to go back to the root and be myself and the music all alone.

8)How do you describe your music to people?
-I try to avoid itI mostly get people to hear it, instead of describing it in words.

9)Which of your songs is your favorite, right now?
-Allways the newest one, this time its a song thats really rockI don´t know what to call it yetbut maybe Slabiak. I did the vocals last Sunday with a very hung-over voice.

10)What is the name "Marybell Katastrophy" about? Why did you pick that name?
-My little sister helped me in that process, she is really good with words. She came up with this very self contradicting name. Marybell is the sweet innocent little girl, but if you look (Mary Bell) up you will find a very Katastrophical (I know its really spelled with a C!) story about a little girl that became a killer. Anyway I think it stems from the fact that my music and myself and everybody else, contains both good and bad, loud and silentcontradictions.

11)What has the response to your solo music been in Denmark and in the rest of the world?
-Surprisingly, overwhelming response, but off cause you only hear from people who likes your musicthanks god!

12)What made you decide to release a solo album?
-I didnt really! I just made a demo, and is finishing one more right now, hopefully it will end up as my solo album. And I didnt really decided to do it eitherit was things around me that did that I suddenly had time to finish the songs I had started years ago.

13)How is this new album different from working with Tiger Tunes? Do you write "without restrictions"?
Everything is different! In Tiger Tunes we never had any restrictions, and I dont have any with my own music either. But the biggest difference off course is that in Tiger Tunes we are 5 people to decide, now its only me. But I also miss the social aspect of being a real band! Its really like a family for me.

14)What is the purpose of music to you?
I can only speak for myselfbut music means everything to me. Its really a cliché, but music is like a very expensive and over educated psychiatrist to me, just better! And therefore my biggest dream is to touch others with my own music, like others touch me with theyre music. Its because its my language, and I want to tell everybody my version of the world.

Well...go check her out at Marybell.dk! Hurry up!



Mirah and her Garden...

So, in recent weeks plenty of people have stumbled across Mirah's solo work, but no one that I have seen has posted what I feel is her catchiest song yet, "The Garden". It draws a lot from her Jewish roots and the avant-garde as well. It's got a bone-grinding beat with a Bar-Mitzvah dance feel to it. You'll love it, I'm sure! And if you know of someone else who's posted it already, oh well, welcome to my life.

ENjoy the other downloads from Mirah as well:

Download>> Mirah - The Garden.mp3
Download>> Mirah - Recommendation.mp3
Download>> Mirah - Make It Hot.mp3

Mirah on MySpace
Mirah on K Records


Chris Garneau, an Interview...

Sorry this post is so slapped together, but I couldn't hold this in any longer, and I can't get to my computer right now, so this will have to do...

I sent Chris Garneau an email the other day and he promptly obliged me with the answers to my questions. You may remember (or not) that I posted just a short while ago about Chris Garneau, the singer/songwriter extraordinaire. If you haven't downloaded it already, check out the MP3 of his song "Relief" that I posted just a bit ago. Click HERE to head over to that post (or just scroll down).

Now, without further ado, may I present a short Q & A with Chris Garneau:

What are your favorite bands?
Velvet Underground + Nico, Yo La Tengo, Blonderedhead, Nina Simone, Elliott Smith, Sister Act Soundtrack, Chilli Gonzalez, Nick Drake. That's what is happening to me today.

What bands have influenced your music?
Those people i just named all have, as well as Judy Garland, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, Malvina Reynolds, Prince, Paula Abdul, and dogs and cats, and my friends, and my family.

When did you start writing music and singing?
I was 5 I started playing piano. I was 12 when I started singing, and I started writing bad stuff when I was 8 and started writing even worse stuff just last year.

How do you describe your music to people?
I just say, "You will really love it." No I just say stupid things like: "Indie, acoustic, pop, anti-folk, folk, singer songwriter, mellow, depressing rock".

What direction do you see music going in right now, at least, the music that interests you?
I think right now is a good time for music that I like, including my own. With internet times and with people getting smarter, really good and independent music travels quickly. And it gets into the hands and ears of people who may not generally have access togood music. I think the industry is improving, and the more independent labels that continue to grow, the better.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Jameson. And food. And please listen to Sunset Rubdown's record called 'Shut Up I Am Dreaming'.


Sounds like an interesting guy, no? I promise a real post for tomorrow, I really do. Finals kicked my butt this year. I know, it's a weak and all too common blogger excuse, but what are you gonna do?



Gridlove and the Midday Post

Ah, the midday post...indicative of a blogger who fears his nightly post will probably be lacking in some way, he we attemots to curb the negative reaction by throwing quanity of content at the problem.

Anyway, you guys have got to check out Gridlove.com! You're going to be addicted to it in 2 or 3 months time snayway, so why not be one of the first to know? Gridlove is something like an interactive flickr.com. I can't really describe it, so I wont. Benjamin over at my favorite design/fashion blog "The Brilliance" describes it like this:

"Anson from Gridlove hit us up about his new product, Gridlove...but it’s a beautiful example of creativity and new technology smashed together. Anson likens it to a game of Dominos…users are collaboratively placing images next to other images that have some inherent commonality. It’s one of those things one the web that can become highly addictive. I see it applying to a bunch of pictures all your friends took at a party last night, to a modeling agency using it to organically find similarities in pictures while viewing them all at once…or, honestly, whatever the end user can come up with. This is one of those open ended web-things that kind of takes a life of its own…wild stuff...Web 2.0 at it’s finest."

Head on over and check it out, already!

About tonight's post, I can't decide if I need to get to searching for someone new, or if I should just post some frickin sweet Radiohead covers. You see my dillemma I'm sure. I just posted a ton of Radiohead stuff, and I don't want to beat them into your brains, but what can a blogger do?